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  1. cujoe Mblakka

    You better plant food or die, nation will prepare for war, because you try to colonize, because of food. Using the ariable farm lands to build forest of concrete jungles, Plant food, or you will go to war for food.

  2. Harry Lim

    One of the CRINGIEST documentaries I have ever watched. Portraying people as poor whilst eating noodles in a good shelter whilst there are some scavenging in garbage and eating soil to survive, and thats what you call hunger? If you want china to be a one big empty land with greens and sand you might make a documentary to clear up New york and turn it into a farm.

  3. Wawa Washington

    Typical trash documentary.

  4. mans410

    Mcdonald , small burgers and expensive .

  5. Doogy Dog

    I cant even watch this, this culture makes me so very angry. They are sub human to allow what they allow, they will stick anything in their mouths. I can not consider them equals or good beings since they think nothing of skinning dogs alive, torching them alive, boiling them alive. They are the scourge of the earth. They have had time, they have had everything it takes to stop this and they will not and they do this to type of outrageous thing to other species as well in the name of exotic witchy elixirs that will give them secret powers and cures. Such a foolish stupid nation, they cant even stop aborting their women so no DAH, too many men. Unreal. Stop your damn eating and get a heart.

  6. 123arcadia

    China has many produce as they export many to other Asian neighboring countries including Japan. Japan would starve without the export from china! Japan has limited agriculture due to shortage of land mass and harsh soil conditions.

  7. ruthblackcat

    poor people

  8. ruthblackcat

    I don't hate China anymore this broke my heart😭

  9. Hong

    America fast food should be forbidden outside USA.

  10. HUY PHAM

    The one government guy who fights for the environment is a hero. He’ll probably will be jailed or killed for his heroism though

  11. James Vignali

    One Belt One Road to the Promised Land! Westward Ho! "We come from the Land or Ice and Snow! Drive our Hordes to the New Land! Valhalla! We are coming!". The Mediterranean or Bust! Westward Ho!

  12. James Vignali

    How long would China last if the U.S. Forbid any food exports to China? A: one month? B: two months? C: Six months? or D: more than six months?

  13. James Vignali

    The U.S. can get rid of the debt to China simply by doubling the price of food exports to China.

  14. Jock Zhao

    guess i could nvr find anything good from the chinese policy, in any of these western documentary. I had watched many documentaries, and only when it comes to china. All these western world documentaries, try their best to portrait china a land of evil, hopeless and suffering. I hope one i can see a fair documentary showing both end of china, the good and the bad.

  15. James Vignali

    Mao would be rolling over in his grave if he knew of this.

  16. James Vignali

    Fried grasshoppers are good!

  17. James Vignali

    Mao Tse Tung warned about this.

  18. James Vignali

    Israeli Retirement Communities have already been constructed!

  19. James Vignali

    China cannot expand east. China cannot expand north. China cannot expand south. Westward Ho! The Mediterranean or Bust. One belt One Road to the Promised land. "We come from the land of ice and snow. Drive our ships to New Land. Valhalla! We are coming!"

  20. James Vignali

    "Let them eat cell phones."

  21. James Vignali

    "How you gonna keep em down on the farm now that they've seen Paree? How you gonna keep em away from Broadway?"

  22. James Vignali

    Hunger is good!

  23. James Vignali

    Fifty percent of pork consumption in China is supplied by the United States of America. One of every four rows of grain grown in the United States of America is consumed in China. Got food?

  24. Summer Roll

    This video series aired back in Sep 2006. It is over 11 years old !! Very misleading to try to pass it off as recent and still relevant (i.e. published on Sep 2013).

  25. 林德

    This documentary tastes like cold war

  26. 中国人


  27. 风风火火地Joyce

    That first guy mr Wang is a clown, not watching this crap. Bye

  28. Sun Wu

    Fuck you, fake news New York Times. The story of the painting of a biscuit isn't out of hunger but from an emperor to illustrate that people who have no skills should not be elected as officials. They are nothing but a painted biscuit, it wont cure hunger. FUCK YOU, FAKE NEWS NEW YORK TIMES. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

  29. Summer Roll

    All China Rises videos from NYT TV are so out of dates …

  30. torsteintt

    From dogs, cats to mice and cockroaches even human fetus…you never know what are you eating when you having Chinese food.

  31. mike watters

    the devise you are watching this on more than lightly came from china and causing massive toxic lakes in china from the waste leftover from the manufacturing process

  32. mike watters

    every action has a reaction.
    if one man gains another loses.
    all them dirty rivers are going into the sea and the fish you eat is poisoning you slowly.
    the earth is being stripped naked.

  33. Hieu Vu

    good quality video, I like it.

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