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  1. Discerning Troll

    Inevitable. Nuclear power. China to start with engaged many foreign Nuclear Power Station nations to build Stations there. All the construction done by Chinese with Chinese Engineers working on them. Stealing? No. They paid. Now they have developed there own skills they aim to become the best. First step is to send about 14,000 of there best Students study Physics and associated subjects. The core for them to dominate this area in the world. Add to these students thousands being educated in China for this industry. No stealing in effect. Simple common sense and setting a goal and going out to achieve it. Russia is the only nation that may hold its own in this area.

  2. Baidu Mel

    Final conclusion: China is a good and fair nation, the US is a Bad and greedy nation.

  3. Alexander Ford

    shift to market economy…. what a bunch of tosh …. the reason the us is doing backflips promoting IP rights is that they have nothing else to promote … the US domestically functions based on artificial ordinance of its LAW. It is therefore only by default it continues to exist .. to maintain its existence it has to leverage on its Bureaucracy of the Law. it has successfully marginalised , perhaps 95/97 percent of its population based on this structure .. its therefore by proxy governed by those excepted to be part of the structure… Lawyers and those with the Capital to hire and engage them to promote its carnage… its not an accident that All current senators are Attorneys and apart from 12 members of the house and congress are attorneys,,,,
    anyone that thinks the US and or the western countries are market economies lives in lala land,,,,
    Democracy has nothing to do with an economic system… for Earpleasure however, market economy is the exact opposite of democracy . It promotes governance through APPOINTED representatives Rather than ELECTED….

  4. Eli Nope

    Copyright laws prevent innovation when they were originally intended to promote innovation. If there was some new scientific breakthrough that would be different, but not many of those lately. It seems that QFD is right, and new tests only show that our old science was right. Instead of encouraging promotion of new ideas now, copyright is used to limit competition. This only reduces efficiency and competition from the market.

    Copyright laws are not a US idea. They are globalist ideas and they empower a select group of elites to monopolize wealth in order to attempt to control everyone in the world. Any look at the recent history of the world should show you just how good of people these people are. They promote war, they push for population decline and generally attack both your rights and your prosperity. The world would be better off without copyright laws in my opinion.

  5. phantomcreamer

    This guy is a communist. He doesn't understand how market incentives work and why protection of intellectual property is useful. Intellectual property is the means to protect ideas. If one can have their ideas protected, then they will feel more inclined to create intellectual innovations. The reason the west has done so well technologically is because of this. Look back at Great Britain's successful mechanization at the start of the industrial revolution. It is no wonder that western medicine has developed so much and so fast. Sure, there are some drugs that are too expensive. Then someone innovates a cheaper drug, or insurance companies put caps on drug prices that drug companies are then bullied into meeting. The point is that these criticisms are not the fault of the patent system, but rather the regulatory system. Finally to address his point about how people should be able to view the research for free. Actually, there is much research availavle in the public domain. There are two exceptions. One being by private companies and profit-driven research at universities. Let's be clear. If Intel, Facebook, Google, etc. had to give away their research then they wouldn't feel the need to do it. We have trade secrets and then we have patents. Patents are actually free to read and are publicly available. Finally, a lot of research is public, but the journals that publish them don't have slaves who do the work for free. They must pay employees and to do so they must either charge subscription fees or publication fees. Anyone who knows anything about publishing knows that pay to play journals are trash and only subscription-based journals are worth their salt. This man is monumentally off base with how these systems have benefited mankind. Quite sad and dissapointing to see him given a platform to spread misinformation. The RN can do better!

  6. Henry L

    Is Trump a liar? We are being told that China just steals technology.

  7. hurkamur1

    New pied piper

  8. Uatu

    Good point about the connection between IP and inequality. So many liberal's solution to everything is govt, however its often the govt that creates the monopoly. Case in point, patents.

  9. Seán O'Nilbud

    "The two biggest scientific powers, the U.S. & China" no.

  10. Luther Dean

    thanks for this coverage

  11. 漢仔

    After China become No 1, India will come along and become No 2, US, at most become No 3. Sorry.

  12. YAHSuN

    He said the most important thing…we always have a choice of the future we create. And we definitely don’t need another damn Arms race lol haven’t these ppl learned their lessons from the industrial revolution?

  13. YAHSuN

    Exactly both sides need to simply shut up and stick to the real goal which should be fixing the environmental state. Get these war mongering death worshipping ppl out of here. The solutions are simple at this point. Even if you say the conversation is complex. As the man states we’ve had plenty of chances and plenty of chances worldwide. And if the “government” wants the legit cooperation of the ppl. Then they need to stop hoarding information and begin the total reform of these institutions. If they don’t then it will all crumble.

  14. Jack Maxwell

    Ya, but China has a ways to go with their QC and the trust of consumers towards their high tech products. They are still selling inferior products, compared to American and EU products. And as to their environmental stance is disgusting. Just take a look at their Battery plants. Makes Mordor look like a fairy tale.

  15. Jeremy Mount

    What's an innovation based economy? I don't understand.

  16. Ramiiam

    The Chinese are pushing ahead with scientific research on the genetic bases of human intelligence, with the goal of raising human IQ to 200. Meanwhile the tyranny of political correctness has virtually silenced Western scientists. The response of the left to the fact that human populations differ in their inherited intelligence is to deny that there is any such thing inherited intelligence and/or genetically distinct human populations.

  17. fkujakedmyname

    only nazis support copywrong laws

  18. fkujakedmyname

    wipo is a nazi parasite organization whose only purpose is to make money at the expense of human evolution and progress

  19. Peter Knopfler

    SAD to say this video still promotes FEAR because USA thinks it owns the world, projects this onto China or Russia or EU. USA thinks everyone thinks like AMERICA. What narcissism a vision of Shame and guilt that creates Denial and Violence.

  20. Peter Knopfler

    China´s NEW SILK ROADS one belt one road……these will be Large World Projects. Bullet train from China +N.Korea to Europe Austria France. China´s Trans-AQUA Africa Bringing water from North to South in SUDAN etc. YES CHINA wants the entire world to have a positive Economy. Watch Schiller Institute and start by READING Peter Frankopan´s book" the new silk roads". THIS IS FOR THE COMMON GOOD OF THE WORLD. Not just wealth for a few as USA wants and kills for.

  21. Z Zreck

    Quality interview. Thank you.

  22. Ken

    Don't be fooled. China has own more intellectual property to protect from the Western theft.

  23. J.L. Goodman

    Just the term "Multinational Corporations" sounds like a gigantic knife stabbing the planet like a scene from Psycho!

  24. devin edwards


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