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  1. Ivan Sander

    Sub back.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWMwCr_9vnmLZSQ2N7QguA

  2. wawa reza

    the best city ever….

  3. Will Hart

    boy thing move fast i China these days…they are really catching up!

  4. will cooper


  5. manel saddem

    stereo love edward maya 2nd music

  6. 922apocalypse

    My parents hometown, can't wait to go there and see my own people !

  7. Peter Piper

    We are going in Feb 2015,this city looks better than others i have looked at.Thanks for posting

  8. runthink studio

    the 1st song is invitation II (o2jam)

  9. Sethapong Phuyhathikul

    what song of this video? It's so beautiful song.

  10. Kelly K

    missed so much lol

  11. Ally Li

    I miss my hometown!

  12. michael su

    Too many traffic. The best season visiting GZ would be autumn and early spring.

  13. michael su

    That's Xinghai Concert Hall.

  14. mortalhellion

    I've been in Guangzhou five years ago, and it's one of the most astonishing cities I've seen. Thanks for putting this up. It brings back memories for me. Sad and happy.

  15. Ethan M

    best city in china, only, there are hardly any blue skys, always grey with pollution 🙁

  16. lukebccb

    They won't miss YOU whatsoever.

  17. steve

    and it's the pearl river not the the blue river 😉

  18. steve

    it's the opera yes

  19. elisabeth wang

    Hi All,

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  20. jay connor

    the green triangle thing is the music opera/college?

  21. jay connor

    what's the first song? great soundtrack btw..

  22. mightfind

    Great city! I'd been there last week. I'll be back;)

  23. 21

    the best city ever

  24. SupB

    Thx man, been waiting for you response for a long time.

  25. SupB

    what accordion music is the first instrumental?

  26. Martini Ricki

    Thanks for sharing video. At least I got some idea asn my family will be visiting Guangzhou soon. Would be good if you could kindly let us know the specific streets or places to go. Tnz.

  27. 922apocalypse

    @emoondacase me it's been 13 years and I am going back to Gangzhou to work in an American company located in TianHe

  28. 922apocalypse

    @emoondacase me it

  29. Supercar

    There have a lot of super car like Lamborghini Ferrari a lot

  30. wazaby123

    Awsome video of an amazing and beautifule city can u please name the different districts u were in 🙂

  31. mo jeremy

    what are you talking about

  32. ajimon

    lagu o2jam juga kamu mo pkai…

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