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  1. Kat

    This is fake news. The largest deposits are in vacant lands in N.M.

  2. Steven Tenbears


  3. Kid Carlomagno

    China has west by he balls

  4. Pamela Homeyer

    We should be producing more and the government should sponsor it. We should not be dependent on other nations if we can help it. This is our problem with Saudi Arabia and now it's going to be a problem with China

  5. Nile Pluss

    America falling

  6. Antonio Gates

    Currently, mining company Molycorp operates the only site in the United States that produces rare earth elements, according to ABC. Its Phoenix Project is located in California. Otherwise, the USGS recognizes Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Colorado as some of the locations of economically viable rare earth deposits.

    Molycorp (NYSE:MCP)

    With headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Molycorp claims to be one of the leading manufacturers of custom engineered rare earth and rare metal products in the world. The company produces materials from 13 different rare earths, plus yttrium, at a purity level of nearly 100 percent.

    Currently, Molycorp is operating the Project Phoenix at its Mountain Pass site in California, which is a rare earth resource and production facility. The project, an expansion and modernization of the Mountain Pass mine, is intended to transform the asset into a technologically advanced rare earth production facility.

  7. Yogaraj Balakandaswamy

    America controls weapons technology… ooooooooo evil americans… i am afraid..

  8. Siegetower

    There was a US processing plant for rare earths in Indiana. GM owned it and wanted to sell, Chinese were allowed to buy, on the promise to the government that they'd keep it open 5 years. Stupid US government thought the company would then seek a handout to stay open (like all crony companies). Wrong. In 2002, the day after that 5 year period, the Chinese closed the plant, deconstructed it and shipped it entirely to China where they rebuilt the plant the same way it was in Indiana, and got to work. Soon after they controlled the global rare earth metals market.

    Well done America.

  9. Shubham Pawar

    Is it time for USA to invade China to provide freedom to the Chinese?

  10. Nelson Ariza

    How so I block CNBC videos from popping up?

  11. Lawrence Hawkins

    This is another example of why science is important. WE can't have technology without science. STEM, therefore, not STEAM.

  12. Cowboy Bebop

    18 months to get the California mine up and running is false.
    Take that long just to get the permit.How about the vehicles up to date.Personal to run the operation.
    18 months is along time the trade war will probably end by then.

  13. Bruce Allen

    There are other excellent EVs besides Tesla you snob.

  14. Pavor

    Stupid consumers. Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

  15. jifa17

    The woman from Boston University is so disgusting. US is bullying China, and she said China is holding hostage of US. Come on, wake up. If not the US starting the stupid war, how will you worry about this?

  16. codyjones109

    CHina control production of it! Refining in China is why? This is caused by bankers gutting the production in the WEST!

  17. Rea Ality

    So, thanks to President Trump, the US takes one more step toward independence from other countries.

  18. Rayan Agarm

    5000 500 50 5 centgm x4 3:00

  19. Lisa Burns

    Very informative.

  20. grabitz

    You would think neodymium scrap magnets would be worth something like scrap copper is. We need to be self sufficient stop depending on other countries. Trump 2020!

  21. Shasta Graff

    CNBC, you need to talk to some geologists before blabbing out this tripe. No China isn't the sole source. Just the cheapest. There IS a difference.

  22. paul signac

    What, no small but powerful electric motors that make devices vibrate?

    Clearly Donald is going to crash the economy just to get even with Melania for holding out on him.

  23. Duke Vanlien

    Americans are stupid materialistic dumb human beings that will die if they keep trashing the world with its fatal ways of living !!!!

  24. God_Mode_0N

    I guess China is making fake metal

  25. J G

    Meanwhile trumptafds celebrate stupidity


    I find it interesting that Russia’s Siberian territories have not been exploited for the vast resources it holds.

  27. Jonathan Cruz69

    The U.S needs China more than they need us
    "Dont bait the hand that feeds you"

  28. Rye Cal

    Screw US! BIG BULLIES who knows nothing but to cry foul once hit by karma. Grow up!

  29. Flat Head

    Antártica proly full of those rare elements…

  30. MoonResident No.9

    Finally, I realize that China is the owner of the property, not by invading/stealing. This topic is ugly.

  31. sidharth cs

    China doesn't need your freedom

  32. Jon Snow

    China is the number one trading partner of the USA. Less hostility and more trade with China and Russia…..both countries full with people who loves American products. (none of the 9-11 terrorists were from there….we support the countries the terrorists are coming from.

  33. Brett B

    find other sources – including: recycle all the old electronics containing Nd – if China has a monopoly that needs to be addressed whatever happens with the trade war – American interference in world affairs is problematic but Chinese imperialism is unacceptable

  34. Eduardo Baz

    Mexico is very rich with this metal, in the silence zone.

  35. kartikey sinha

    u idiot cars uses induction or dual coil motor

  36. Ardent Dfender

    Wherever their is huge real profit potential, greed will find a way to get that rare earth out of the ground in the U.S. somehow.

  37. Linda Lynbrook

    USA has plenty of it
    Just save it for later 😄

  38. Criscko T.

    Corbett has spoken of globalism turning to fear of aliens, being the new boogeyman. I think if we must sell fear, to get by, at least dont turn me on my brother.

  39. M Wing

    Gee too bad. We just forget them and do our own thing. DUH? Next !

  40. John Garay

    Tech evolves. Neodymium can be replaced. Law of supply and demand in free market will eventually find a way to meet supply.

  41. Red Pill prime

    Thanks Trump.

  42. Warren Mundell

    China bought the Nevada mine when it was bankrupt.

  43. TikiShootah

    1.29 he pull that figure out of his ass, in a couple of decades?

  44. Truth Speaks

    Not one word of why we stoped mining it…. the company was forced out of business due to the federal government with its endless rules & regulations.

    Every politician wants a piece of the pie they didn’t make.

  45. Agm Smith

    Have people completely forgotten???


    We control over $1tril worth or rare earth minerals, including Neodymium!!! It’s completely untapped and untouched, just sitting under the ground in Afghanistan.

  46. scott choi

    0:27 "neo comes from the ground." DUH?!

  47. Matz Gratz

    Please produce rare earths so we don't have to give the CCP money

  48. FooBar Maximus

    This is a lie. China only "controls" the supply because they sell everything cheap. They do NOT control 90% of the world's supply. They have about 30% of the known reserve. The rest is in the US and our allies. And if it comes down to it, we'll just take theirs. There isn't a goddammed thing they can do about it. They need to wise up before they get their yellow asses kicked back to to the stone age.

  49. Dave Heyman

    Bastnäsite is the endmember sought worldwide, if you got it, name your price.

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