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  1. florianreichelt

    I really like your content 🙂 Keep it up!:)

  2. Simone Steigler

    This is awesome!! I make travel videos if you want to check them out 🙂

  3. Sally Blakemore

    Shanghai is the sci fi center of the modern world. A vibrant, diverse city, full of great food and art and PEOPLE.

  4. Secrets of a World Traveller

    love your channel thanks for the share

  5. Awdz123 A

    bad taste of music~~

  6. Lexi and Steve

    Nice video. We just uploaded a vlog in Shanghai, its such a cool city to visit.

  7. What Doesn't Suck?

    So cool! Where next on your bucket list?

  8. 维杰严

    who can tell me the music name

  9. Juha Jaavalo

    Splendid indeed

  10. Shashikant Dani

    Amazing experience

  11. Aussie Hunter

    Check out "Driving in Shanghai" videos in my channel.

  12. DrCowboy21

    The music tho….hahahaha

  13. Tommy Wang

    What I'd like to say is music is amazing cuz the new 007 there were some moment in Shanghai and they used this music.

  14. wubian

    who chose the BGM?

  15. Travel with Won희망의 여행스케치

    I like the video but I don't like the music..

  16. Keys to the City

    Fun city!!!

  17. Mars Gui

    WTF is the music???!!!

  18. Tommy Wang


  19. Eddie Cheng

    Lol… Dubstep music.

  20. 漢仔

    Lol, the bottle opener building.

  21. Michael The Traveler

    great city, music does not fit the video

  22. Angel Delgado

    @ Brian Kirby.. The video isn't about Hong Kong, it's showing Shanghai. Next time read the title before you comment

  23. You Hao Sun

    Shaolin – Bar 9

  24. Xianbin Zeng

    Disgusting music. As a chinese ,wo really hate the music .

  25. Casperian

    Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. This video didn't really capture them though.m

  26. ryan james

    what is the fucking music??

  27. poopoopants

    music ruined it

  28. Frye Pod

    I think it's undeniable that China is the next superpower/ empire. Once they can get that consumer culture and housing bubble worked out, that is fall of us Americans. Even know don't make amazing things like this anymore, and we have an insane run away government. I still love my homeland, but damnn, this place is beautiful, China is going to have some incredible architecture in these next few decades.

  29. Israel Arturo Mendoza Pérez

    It's such a beautiful city, modern but with its eastern taste tough. I loved it, but I think you couldn't have chosen a worse music for this video

  30. Alex Wang

    Amazing city. Amazing country China!

  31. ray xiong

    what's your imagination of your favorite city?
    like ??

  32. Shanghai Airport Transfer

    Shanghai Airport to Suzhou Changshu Kunshan Car Driver Transportation Tour Guide

  33. Sidaty Amar

    Beautiful city. I stayer there last year in september but only for there days. I wasn't able to see everything.

  34. Tarik Alherimi

    I traveled around China last year. Enjoyed myself greatly. Shanghai was by far my favorite city !

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