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  1. Pete Harris

    Fckn class!!

  2. Dan R

    Please consider a Reunion with Roy Z and do a Tour of all the solo album's. Even Tattoo Millionaire. Someone get this "ball rolling"! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mike Calak

    I had a live version of this track from Napster I need to find it I can’t find it on YouTube

  4. Watty

    This comment section is pretty accient

  5. John protiva

    18 wankers

  6. Eder Batista Rodrigues

    O Bruce canta muito,é uma verdadeira máquina de fazer Metal.🎸🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  7. RH Astrologia

    The best album

  8. rafal sobczak

    this is fuckin solo heavy metal!!! Bruce dickinson .Adrian Smith and producer Roy Z. thank you …

  9. Tim Jones

    Great song!  I always thought it was called 'Dark Secret'.

  10. Gop Locatio

    What did you do with the sound quality? It's terrible 🙁 So much of sound clipping arrrgh :/

  11. Bradley vdw

    Bruce leads us to the dark secret in his lyrics of many songs.. Iron maiden an solo songs

  12. Marcus Blackfellow

    Can anyone else imagine Layne Staley singing the chorus?

  13. Vincent Apodaca

    Love all of Bruce Dickinson's solo music.He definitely is great both solo & with IRON MAIDEN!

  14. SeBa1987 MeTaL

    Infernal song!!

  15. Douglas Raley

    Type tye clearly loves cocktail…. fruit

  16. Apo V

    bruce air bruce air bruce air…………….

  17. moonlightdriver800

    This song is one of the best Bruce has made, even above Maiden material.

  18. Tyrone Curliss

    I first came across this song on a CD sampler with the incredibly shite Metal Hammer magazine.  I remember this was the only good song on the CD.

  19. TheAdam159

    love this song

  20. Julio Sigurani


  21. muna mies

    oh man… this is so heavy. I recall tehy had these special manufactured guitars with a BASS strings xD

  22. greymajickjedi

    Wait a minute……. Lilith didn't lead Adam… she was just too much for that pansy to handle – sexually. Unless the "you" being led is someone post-Adam, like the children she saw as prey . . . ..
    MTFBWY = May The Force Be With You

  23. greymajickjedi

    Oh… i thought he was referring to Monica Lewinsky. :p

  24. greymajickjedi

    Awesome Vegeta picture. That's right when he was about to fight Gokuu.

  25. Kraig Highnam

    it is the best

  26. Ivan Funez

    Sorry for the mistake, I´m spanish

  27. demonreapergirl

    why are half of my recommends vocaloid songs

  28. Ivan Funez

    Two freaks doesnt like this song…

  29. greymajickjedi

    i know his dark secret: HE CUT HIS HAIR o:

  30. moonman fan

    i want to know the "dark" secret, tell me Bruce.

  31. greymajickjedi

    Ummmm Sauron ? ?

  32. greymajickjedi

    Is this about Bill Clinton and Monice Lewinsky? o.o.

  33. Marco Matos

    who leads you to the dark secret? who leads you to the dark secret?
    This entire lyric talks about something very very deep,Aliens.
    yeah ok make a joke 😀

  34. Steven Martinez

    Bruce dickinson you fuckin rock!!!!!!!!!

  35. SeeThroughHead1

    Who leads you to your duck secret?

  36. Tim Jameson

    @SaulHirschberger A word of advice learnt from all kinds of "freaky", wonderful
    and harsh experiences (it's OK – we can turn all the angst to
    joy, peace, contentment and strength of the right kind – WHENEVER WE CHOOSE TO): If you punch above your weight and cross sabres with the likes of Bruce (LOL: ESPECIALLY literally in his case)…then you'll end up WELL "freaked" out!

  37. Paul Hirschberger

    … OK then Brucie: you want to make "freaks" of us do you?! We'll bloody give you some "freakyness" back then (courtesy of Lancaster's own SoundAssembly … I did the trumpet on "Little White Blues"): watch?v=WjYBxeVsALE .

  38. Paul Hirschberger

    This song TRULY blew the bullshit, cobwebs and hell out of the brutal, ruthless, hypocritical (and forever in danger of stagnating) "music" industry (and the wider world of bullshit in general). And (a weird story that ortega24024 has explained before) they even came to icky little Lancaster to promote the album(and Preston…they did acoustic gig in HMV… I gave some ickle girl working there who hassled me a photo of it last week)…

  39. S.T. H.


    Up The Irons!

  40. Martin V

    Your life its lost
    your soul is dammed
    but it feels too good

    greatest word after "HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE!"

  41. Sebastian Fasano

    Up the Bruces!

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