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  1. Mortifer V.

    COSMOS – Volume 3 is up! Listen to it here: https://youtu.be/KUBEgFt4_PY

  2. Hassim Dhounia

    Comos vol 2 14:05 whaou epic puissance max

  3. Matteo Rb


  4. Mustapha Bakhti

    Sherif gaber ❤❤❤

  5. Лучик Света

    Ставим лайки, пусть нерусь думает что тут что-то умное написано.

  6. Kyle Boyer

    Is this copyrighted

  7. Safiya K

    We are all creating self heaven or hell it's dependenting of own life feels. So I wish all people in the world start to feel heaven in their hearts. Then real heaven come in material life. This is physically science. ⚡each can do miracle ⚡

  8. Tiago Silva

    I love this kind of sound, I play Elite Dangerous and hearing this sound is fantastic :))

  9. StayCalm

    Listening to this even in 2019, anyone?

  10. Aydin N.


    Remember, we're made out of star stuffs so remember those on the sky…

  11. BassBoostedSongs1

    This Space Music makes me feel calm. Thank you posting this!

  12. Chris Starkey

    Music is like a painting for your imagination you see what you want to see but refuse to see the truth in what sorrounds you


  13. maria olga hermosilla hermosilla

    no puedes tener publicidad en un video de relajacion es estuoido

  14. Losers mix

    • Chapter I: Children of the Stars
    1. 00:00:00 — Colossal Trailer Music – Gaze (No Vocals)
    2. 00:04:20 — Colossal Trailer Music – The Mourning
    3. 00:07:32 — audiomachine – Guardians at the Gate [David García Díaz Remix]
    4. 00:11:22 — Colossal Trailer Music – Sacrifice
    • Chapter II: Life
    5. 00:16:38 — Nordwise – Eurasia
    6. 00:20:06 — Clemens Ruh – Pandora
    7. 00:26:36 — Jeremiah Pena (switch.) – The Fallen Ones
    8. 00:28:53 — Alliance – Pillars of Creation
    9. 00:32:41 — Jeremiah Pena (switch.) – Pillars of Light
    • Chapter III: Harmony
    10. 00:35:07 — Colossal Trailer Music – New Rain
    11. 00:42:31 — StormSound – Avalon
    12. 00:46:01 — StormSound – Beyond
    • Chapter IV: New Worlds
    13. 00:48:03 — Alliance – Time Eater
    14. 00:51:10 — Clemens Ruh – Interstellar
    15. 00:55:15 — Colossal Trailer Music – Uprising
    16. 01:00:05 — Alliance – Above All
    17. 01:02:34 — audiomachine – Momentum
    18. 01:05:39 — Colossal Trailer Music – Silent Soul
    19. 01:09:01 — Clemens Ruh – Drifting Apart

  15. 森史

    Be the most sonorous self. Self-sonority!

    I exert oneself to do, resolve private anguish. Be the most sovereign. Self-exertion! Self-sovereignty!

    I run riot all over the space, I rampage all over the universe, I rage through my territory. Be the most riotous downright self. Self-reception! Self-downrightness!
    宇宙中暴動を起こし世界中暴れ大流行し我領土を血気盛んに猛威を振るい駆け抜ける。 最も暴動完全率直自己であれ。 セルフレセプション!自己受理収容!自身入会(許可)自身対応接待!自己歓迎(会)!評判感受是認!自身受信! 自己誠実!自己完全率直!

    I dawn, designate as my central self oneself, I fulfill own private desideratum. Self-designation!

    I serve my all, bet the whole spirit, realize and materialize, do my best, devote myself completely.

    Purchase Nano Carrier Co., Ltd. under the name of Fujifilm, University Of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kawasaki City, SBI Pharma.
    Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb's will also fund into NanoCarrier.

    I convert my whole total chaos into own private real worldly power.

    We approve its OTS964 and OTS167 and peptide vaccine of OncoTherapy Science, Inc.
    I apply NC-6300 and NC-6004 of

    私がナノキャリア社NC-6300もNC-6004 も適用申請す。

    I conduct a re-vote on the UK to remain in the EU.
    I let the United Kingdom to re-vote for remaining in the European Union.
    I put my deity in self.

    I seclude any terrorism and secession group of European Union.
    Be the most meteorologic self. Self-meteorology.
    I approve VB-111 and Toca 511 and Toca FC.
    VB-111 and Toca 511 and Toca FC承認す。
    I buy and raise Nanocarrier's stock.

    I strengthen EU solidarity, consolidate European integration with UK(United Kingdom). Defeat the secessionist group.

    I suppress and solve Trump's tariff war between the United States and China.

    I cast off its skin. Self-ecdysis!
    I heighten own stature. Be infinite unlimited centimeters tall in height.
    I relegate personal chest to my core, emanate oneself from my 16 years old, I emancipate my total latent potential. Be the most liberated emancipated self. Self-emanation! Self-emancipation!
    I harden own muscles, I fix and consolidate a false tooth(an artificial tooth), I overcome one's private hardship.
    Self-denture! Self-dentition! Self-dentifrice!
    I denude any terrorist of total properties, denuclearize Iran and North Korea. Be the most hardened hard-nosed self.

    I presume to be my central self, I put personal prestige oneself. Be the most presuming presumable prestigious presumptuous self. Self-presumption! Self-prestidigitation!

  16. TDMstevo

    I spend a lot of time just thinking about the cosmos.

  17. un known

    So viele Kommentare, die von der Industrie genutzt werden, und keiner merkt was, schreibt Bücher, mit all euren Gedanken, anstatt diese reichen zu füttern mit Daten!!

  18. The Lone Helljumper


  19. Agent GI

    28:20 cool

  20. Artistic Minds

    I am the team manager and programmer of an independent zero budget team that develops video games.
    I'm developing a PC space simulation video game called #StarShift.
    Are they royalty free? Is it possible to use these tracks specifying the collection and the author in the credits?
    Otherwise, I'm interested in how much the license costs to use one or more traces of the "COSMOS – Volume 2" collection .
    Kind regards

  21. HeAriRI tHeRe

    i play this while i on Stellaris and EVE Online………….wish be born at space exploration went boom out………….

  22. Leonxrd

    As the spaceship takes of from the world second before the earth gets destroyed

    You and 3 Billion people set of for a mission to explore new human life on diffrent planets

    You look outside on the ship and see a planet that looks exactly like the earth

    Blue with a little bit of green here and there

    Could it be a possible new life?

    You asked the captain about the planet

    He says that its where they were heading

    You will never forget the days on your normal planet

    But after the Pollution and war the planet couldnt take it anymore and erupted into gigantic explosion
    You go back to your bunk and fall asleep knowing that one day, you will never have it the same

    You remember your home on earth, knowing it is eradicated

    You wake up as usual, you hear constructing, people talking, and many other things

    You rush to the exit

    It looks the same as the old days

    Could it be?

    Could it be a dream? Or was it all just a dream?

    You decide to look more to the things there is to explore

    The forests, hills, mountains… They are beautiful!

    You are invited to one of the houses to rest in

    When you get there

    Its one of your long lost friend

    You tought he was a goner!

    After a long, long day of talking and having fun

    You and your friend falls asleep

    Tomorrow is another day

  23. Harry Rowe

  24. Deynis Ormeno

    Música para observar un eclipse 😸

  25. kabamaru iga

    can I use this as background music in my videos? thank you

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