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  1. Angel Five

    When is the best time of the day to eat grapefruit?🤔

  2. carmel bugeja

    many do not like the bitter taste of grapefruits. Thanks to that I receive a basket full of grapefruit from an old friend from time to time

  3. Shela Matela

    Cancer killer for sure

  4. Jean-Michau Michou

    Greatest fruit ever, I eat 2 to 6 a day. Addicted.

  5. Deseree Bryant

    When I get nausea, I eat a peice of pink grapefruit it makes me feel so much better.

  6. Dorian Mcnab

    Its good really good but if your on medication don't eat or drink grape fruit juice until your off the medication.

  7. Dina Jim

    Drinking grapefruit juice while watching this:)

  8. Ash Doe

    I had salad and grapefruit for dinner

  9. Jøë ß

    I eat grapefruit almost everyday. It grows everywhere in South Texas. I love citrus

  10. Ash The Duke

    It tastes like dark orange it gives the feeling of sharp throat cuts

  11. oohEuphoria

    my favorite fruit!!!

  12. Jay Mee

    Good info but music is too loud.

  13. senior barista 87

    i saw grapefruit while buying orange and now watching youtube

  14. OMGosh

    Truly amazing what nature can produce.

  15. Suganthi Vineeth

    My favorite fruit. Nice information thank you

  16. Sky Flight

    We have a grapefruit tree at home and there are hundreds of grapefruit on it. Also I wouldn’t of existed if it weren’t for grapefruits. But I can’t be bothered explaining it right now because it’s complicated

  17. kooolman

    Was eating grapefruit without noting any noticable effects. But now i know. Im so safe from kidney stones, cancer, diabetes, and other horrible diseases. I love grapefruit despite its very sharp taste, my body and my taste buds just love this amazing disease fighter from GOD. Thankyou God, thankyou, thankyou, im so grateful for all of these provisions 😊

  18. Firenaut

    Who is the women with the sexy voice?

  19. Shakeel Ahmad

    Very helpful and informative video about grapefruit 👍👍

  20. JPV

    Grapefruit tastes like vomit, for me atleast

  21. Heidi Falzon

    I love grapefruit juice we have a massive grapefruit tree but it’s white grapefruit but it’s still yummy I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌

  22. Suganthi Vineeth

    தினமும் Grapefruit juice குடிக்கலாமா.

  23. Ask Lovely

    Eating 1 while watching … how many should you eat per day?

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