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  1. Natacha Océane

    Please enjoy laughing at me during habit #1 but pleaaaase try it for yourself. Just once. That's all I ask ☺️❤️ Each of these little habits have helped me feel happier and healthier in their own way, and I hope you find one you love! 🤗

    Thank you for the amazing support, literally counting down the days until meeting some of you here in Sydney! 💛

  2. Crystal Assam

    I’m so going to incorporate some if not all of these into my life. 2020 here I come …

  3. kaylee weeks

    What are some of your favorite books? 🙂 I am in search for a new one!

  4. Júlia Buso

    i just love how you seem so compromised with actually being a good person like seriously it's so inspiring

  5. honorine oussou

    wow just looking at your sculptural body is inspiring

  6. Jace Gallagher

    Some of these habits I've either never thought about or never gave them much consideration. I really love your videos.

  7. Jeanette Pena

    Thank you for this. Not being a victim

  8. wiki

    im sorry but who is that guy in american idol because i actually cackled i need someone to tell me who that is😂

  9. Sara

    I didn't expect this to be so original, with not so common tips and ideas 🔝🌸

  10. Laura Reeves

    Loved these, actually useful and actionable tips


    Cool video, wanna watch this one a few times,
    cos there is really a lot in it.

    Thanks for making this 🙂

    andddd … what is the song round 9:30 cos it sounds cooool !!
    (almost new wavy, the guitar)

  12. eartht0erika

    Wonderful video. I have recently stumbled upon your channel and am extremely grateful for the algorithm. <3 Peace from California!

  13. Manali Sawant

    Is there a way to get in touch with you?

  14. Hanno Banano


  15. Hanno Banano

    Everytime I see you, you look leaner.

  16. Sarah Sigot

    This is so perfect! I love great tips like these 💕 actually filmed something kind of similar on my channel too ☺️

  17. Lobna Amer

    A queennn 💖

  18. misomiso

    What kid of scientist are you? Did you study at univeristy?

  19. Bakerygo

    I love this girl because she gives true advise instead of pushing you products.

  20. Frank Sclafani

    lol During 9 & 10 when Nat went from a towel to whispering in her PJs, I swear I could feel my heart skip a beat and my face blushing <B

  21. Kulibri

    10:44 Natascha: "That's Sarah."
    Me: "Hey, yeah! I'm Sarah."
    Natascha: "She's 23."
    Me: "Holy shit! I am 23!"
    Natascha: "She loves brownies"

    .. Anyway, thanks for the tips! Some of them I already try to do regularly, but others are quite exotic which I will definitely try out 😀

  22. Farnella Husseini

    I love you Natacha. You're amazing. An inspiration ❤

  23. Rebecca Davis

    Sounds more New Zealander than Aussie! 😂 ❤️

  24. stuntmansupreme

    Isn't the 5 sec rule when you pick food up that you dropped on the ground, if you do it within 5 sec you can still eat it? Lol.

  25. Olivia Sheldon

    Great video! Some of these tips are so helpful

  26. Lea Fegley

    Great video, can't what to try #1 in my cubicle!! Lol

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