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  1. Jsav.Dnr

    Just focus on macronutrients, to hell with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants etc….🙄🤦‍♂️

  2. Jsav.Dnr

    Fam, you have man tits. Who tf wants to take diet advice from someone in such poor shape? Lol “Ketogenic diets tend to be so nutritionally vacuous that one assessment estimated that to get a sufficient daily intake of all essential vitamins and minerals. you'd have to eat more than 37,000 calories a day.” 😭😭😭🤦‍♂️

  3. Pedro Taveras

    No such thing as farmed tuna

  4. amassill

    I love these so much!

  5. Sandy Riley

    Holy cow, the information I can actually use! great video!

  6. Ruti Vazquez

    Happy New Year to you & family. I just wanted to say is thank you for all the Clean Keto information. I appreciate everything you guys.
    I do have a question. Do you have a Sam's Club near you? Would love to see a Clean Keto Haul from there. 🤩

  7. D Smith

    We need the cookbook in NJ! Also, do you ever watch Dr Eric Berg?

  8. Lina Ortmann

    I’m confused… how does the added sugar in yogurt kill the bacteria when bacteria feeds on sugar?

  9. Sue Kellett

    That pancake mix is terrible. Even my teenage sons wouldn’t eat it.

  10. Chrystal Frost

    I like the autumns gold granola bars, and granola.

  11. Tsering Dolma

    Which cooking oil is good??

  12. Penny Noneman

    I wish you would do a vegan Costco show for me. I have to drive a little over 40 miles to get to Costco so I am considering if a membership is really for me.

  13. RC Doodles

    Interesting pronunciation of the word cauliflower.

  14. Marie Koepp

    Love your videos even though my Costco has literally not had anything you show. I still learn so much about being healthy.

  15. Trimwood Carpentry Inc by Mike Welch

    If trying to eat right and loose weight are these items ok

  16. Steve C

    Bobby…. What about the Kirkland Vitamin waters at Costco? Are they bobby approved?

  17. Ride with Rome

    Thanks guys

  18. Kimberly Hermosura

    Your Costco isn’t bumper to bumper?!?

  19. Joe Batters

    Anyone who takes that much time and effort to look at all the ingredients for every thing they eat is a real snowflake

  20. Mary Sanders MacFadyen

    I heard you say you want producers to use avocado oil. Healthy right? Check out how north american addiction to avocados is destroying the countries they are grown in. Growing avocados requires tons of water. This depletes the water tables in countries that already have a shortage of potable water. Check it out.

  21. Ria

    Why is MSG not okay for you but parmesan cheese is? Parmesan cheese contains MSG. The stigma towards MSG comes from a history of anti-Chinese racism in the US more than it does actual science (related to a series of poorly run mice studies in the 1960s where they injected mice's brains with MSG (which is not at all similar to how humans ingest MSG)).

  22. Rory Rose

    I would choose the organic Kirkland Signature Greek yogurt, I just wish that They Carried something other than 0% fat

  23. Nouf

    Now I got confused is the pressed oil in ingredients good or not?

  24. TheDstein58

    Please show me some scientific data showing Glyphosate is bad for you? You are the reason companies are putting those buzz words on their packaging.

  25. Jim D

    You can get organic pasture raised eggs at Costco in WI. I just bought two dozen this past weekend. They taste the same to me as their cage free eggs.

  26. Tyler Lowe

    What to buy at Whole Foods would be great

  27. nimisha barot

    I make yogurt at home but good to know.

  28. Travis Moore

    This guy’s diet would be awful for endurance training.

  29. SiouxzQ

    Those beef sticks are great…make a great snack with a piece of cheese at work. Easy to pack in hubby and my lunches.

  30. Lisa Hayes

    Can ya do Costco cash app or PayPal giveaway so I can shop at Costco, the husband might then go if I had the money it's pathetic I know but no choice

  31. FakeName39

    about to grab me some famous daves corn bread son! add jalapeno to it.. and its amazing.

  32. CaliFran

    I just bought the book on Kindle. Tried to find it in the Bay Area never noticed the city list before. Thanks 🙂

  33. Patrick Jones

    7:18 Anybody have a reference or a citation for "added cane sugar kills the bacteria…"? Never heard that one before.

  34. Jeremy Schulz

    I love the shiitake mushrooms but I'm confused on the net carbs. It says 3 added grams of sugar. Is the added sugar counted or is it a keto friendly sugar?

  35. Liz Contreras

    Quick question: I’ve compared the Nutrition Facts labels of conventional eggs vs. pasture raised and they look identical in terms of vitamins and mineral percentages as well as macros. So what exactly do you mean by the nutritional profile being better in pasture raised? Where is your proof?

  36. michelle Love

    PLEASE do one for Grocery Outlet! They have some of the same products at Sprouts/Whole Foods for super cheap but I'm not sure what to look for.

  37. Michelle Brown

    The bone broth is horrible! I bought after seeing this video and I will be returning the rest of them.

  38. Julie Li

    Please please come to Canada to do a Costco haul

  39. Miss Deeg

    I’m starting a Keto diet. Do you have any NON NUT suggestions as the only nut I can eat is a peanut. Maybe do all your recipes with a nut substitute.

  40. Shawna Barnett

    You should slide over here to Iowa and check out our Hy-Vee stores. I'd be willing to run interference 🙂

  41. Bobby JJ

    Pasture raised is no longer the best option as purported.

  42. A. N

    I wouldn’t get their Organic eggs. If you look they’re extra large which is larger than what most recipes call for. You wouldn’t think it makes much difference- but it makes a huge difference in baking.

  43. LovetoRun

    And remember keto diet is not for everyone. Some people may be intolerant to any kind of fat

  44. Ben W

    Country Archer Beef sticks are LEGIT.

  45. Hollywood Scentstory

    Quark is a MUCH better product than either of those greek yogurts and worth searching for

  46. Jennifer Gerard

    I'm so glad I found your videos! There are some products that I used when I was on Whole30 (Rao's spaghetti sauce and Kerrygold) are just a few. I saw the video about your Rao's spaghetti sauce being such a good price and I went to Costco that weekend.
    I'm not sure if you've talked about it are now, would you suggest Pow! Pasta? I've tried a few gluten free pastas.

  47. Dedre Ova

    Keto pancake mix…. Makes very much expensive pancakes 😊

  48. Dedre Ova

    I would love to go grocery shopping in with you. 😊

  49. Barbara Reynolds

    Costco Burlington, Vermont we need your cookbook there pls…….thanks for all the healthy tips. You've turned me into a label reading freak! Rock stars you two!

  50. Mark Johnson

    Cant stand Costco. I worked there for a year and I do have stories.

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