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  1. Cxvrti xfficial

    Lil uzi more like swag uzi

  2. Al Pérignon Music

    Other rappers :yeah this 30k chain 30 on me like curry

    Lil Uzi : I need lip medex

  3. ReavoVERT

    3:28 When he said "try it" and pushed it over to them, that just made me feel good for some reason

  4. Gerele Turner

    Wow he so humble

  5. Joaqui Arreola

    The things i cant live without


  6. georgevZn

    one of my essentials is playboi carti Whole Lotta Red oh wait….

  7. Alexa official

    I loveeee him!

  8. Darnue Thompson

    Someone tell me the name of that insurgent looking car 😂

  9. Santi Bati

    3:30 idk why that ''try It" was super satisfactorius

  10. zyvenom zyvenom

    Lil uzi forget to bring Uzi

  11. Earf Quack

    I’m surprised anime isn’t on here

  12. Uziver

    How can u hate this guy?

  13. Know Pain

    We need Playboi Carti next*+!🦋🦋🦋

  14. Clorox Bleach

    He seems real humble

  15. NwayZa

    The media likes to promote stupid people and make them famous

  16. Robin Moody

    Dude ist dumb.

  17. Mark Edwards

    weird i i thought his favorite food would be pop tarts

  18. Gucci Corn Flakes

    i have a BX7, it's the same as bic?

  19. Callum Demuth

    So he just did this interview and didn’t drop his album?



  21. Young Baller Bryan

    3:30 "try it" 🤣

  22. Real OG

    -how many skirts to have?
    – i dunno a lot

  23. Kazuyoshi

    and a sock

  24. Gordon Mallary

    This is just an add

  25. Malakhi Ponder

    Try it 3:30

  26. yah yeet

    uzi face in the thumbnail tho

  27. moz_GD

    Umm yo lil uzi like a god bc they didn’t mention “WATER” I can’t live wo/ that

  28. SoupDoesStuff

    I smiled at 3:29 when he done that 😂

  29. Liz Rivera

    It looks like he is helpful

  30. Liz Rivera

    Lil uzi is back

  31. Pavel

    He forgot to mention the booster seat

  32. King 80hd

    Screw lil uzi vert he do devil worship

  33. Kevin Morales Gomez

    Try it

  34. wackyGTR

    10 things lil uzi can live with

  35. NBD_Renegade04 YT

    Ayo he on something yo its lil uzi

  36. I’m Chimp

    He also cant live without autotune

  37. neeko

    he’s like a kid

  38. Slept

    Grandma: How does the food taste?

    Me: 0:46

  39. Itssauce *

    3:30 uzi looks like a kid sharing his lunch with another kid at school

  40. E G G H E A D

    And a sock

  41. zbysio

    number 15: extasy

  42. BeastBoi


  43. Babian

    this video is almost a product placement compilation

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