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  1. sleightlymusical

    Whoever can name all 25 songs played in this medley wins 1 free hug from me. 🙃

  2. pyroluminous

    Albie: "All in one take"
    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Me: So Lily was waddling around with a nord 3 the whole shoot? lolxd

  3. Mike Danger

    Anyone else worried that with the new client we are gonna miss out on some great new songs? One of things that used to get me hyped up when logging on was hearing a dope track as I did so. Won't be the same.

  4. Th00m *

    I love that Braum theme xD

  5. 我是雪狐

    When i listened this video, i realised that i was crying

  6. Paola Giménez Fajardo

    Riot plz contrat real musitians xD ♥️

  7. Roar Nightingale

    I was half expecting silver scrapes

  8. 박2019

    light and dark wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. danpaul

    Okay but where's Bit Rush Arade Ahri?

  10. 알새우티비 EggshrimpTV

    Amazing work ..

  11. danpaul

    2:27 you can thank me later

  12. Shen Yang


  13. naerial

    Exceptional as ever

  14. My4DGlasses

    Ya'll need to thank Asian parenting for forcing them to play these instruments when they were young.

  15. Wesley Xiao

    cello guy lookds like cuco

  16. Josh Tsai

    definitely downloading this amazing recap of league OSTs 😀

  17. fcdmrl

    4:00 Is there full version of this? As violin and cello cover?

  18. Julia Luz

    Ohhhh!!!! Beautiful!!! Good

  19. V1G1LANTE K9

    No warriors. Video sucked.

    Jk but still really wanted a quick string rendition of warriors.

  20. Lâm Vũ

    I love one-take video, especially music video ♥️

  21. Diospyrus

    I was looking for Warriors but nah you're all so great!

  22. Induxt

    i am just wondering how about twoset reaction after watched this video LOL

  23. Donald Shan

    waiting for silver scrapes be like

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