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  1. Kids Steinorth

    I left it over night and it’s at 1%

  2. Nish Patel

    I got a new iPhone 6s Plus and the health is at 87% 😬

  3. Captain Rocket

    Long story short kids just charge it over night

  4. Submariner199

    I dont use my iPhone That much. Somtimes it has 60% in the evening. Should i turn it off or charge it?

  5. Nxkkster

    Mines at 92% lol

  6. Goonology

    Had mine for 3 weeks and I’m at 98%…… iPhone XS I was using a fast charger so I’m back to using the regular charging brick

  7. Avis Wrentmore

    We don't give a hoot;) just tell us how to get the phone back to normal battery setting. OMG please

  8. talha ansari

    Well Apple already fixed this issue in iOS 13

  9. PranP

    I have been using my iPhone 6s + for over three years and it has reached 76% battery capacity

  10. Reek

    My iPhone 7 is at 83% and I’ve had it for 3

  11. hassan ahmad

    If i use my iphone in between 20% to 10% , dose it damage my phone battery?

  12. NotYourRegularMate :/

    Mines at 54 and I have a iphone 7….

  13. D M’

    Had my iphone 8 since december and its on 88%

  14. Sajeed Yasin

    my 5s is still 63%

  15. Jc Baron

    don't believe this guy! he maintains that battery life cuz he got so many phones to use from. if he only uses 1 phone i doubht it would be at 90+%.

  16. DaneWolf Ryan

    Do IPod batteries last longer? I had an iPod Touch 5 for almost 6 years and since it was getting outdated I bought a 6th gen. It still worked last time I used it.

  17. Jorey Asmus

    I have an iPhone 7 and it’s at 86% and I’ve had it for two years and my mom has had an iPhone 6 for the last 5 years and she’s at 94%

  18. hassan ahmad

    My iPhone battery health after 250days is 99%

  19. R.

    i replaced my battery, it was at 83%

  20. JLAR12

    Had my phone for almost 6 months, went from 100 – 93 😔

  21. krb693

    My XS Max is off warranty in November and its still at 100%. My wife took it as an upgrade to her XR as I bought the 11 Max. The XR was also sold at 100%. ALL of our phones have been charged this same exact way. So he’s spot on!

  22. Bagel Croissant

    Can you get your iPhone to go up from 97%to 100%

  23. akash rana

    Y after upadting to ios 13 my battery health drop from 97 to 90 within 1 week??

  24. Geez Juice

    My battery health is at 34% I dont think it matters how i

  25. Mouhammed Al Samad

    My iphone 11 pro dosen’t charge more than 80% , why ?

  26. Amiel D Hechanova

    After 1 year and 1 month, my XR still has a 100% battery health. I never let the battery go below 40%, never used a fast charger and wireless charger, and I always charge it overnight using the 5W charger.

  27. Lucky Dog

    I’ve had mine for a year and it’s already at 87%

  28. Grizzly Reaper

    Do you have this probleem on Samsung ?

  29. Nintendogs lover 123

    Mines at 99 and I had it for 9 months (xs max)

  30. gilar arlingga

    can i have that wallpaper?

  31. InFlicks

    so what i just charge it over night?

  32. Rihards

    Spent 1000$+ on the phone, so feels stupid to worry if I have 99% or 93% of battery health.

  33. Emmanuel

    Today I make exactly a year with my IPhone XS Max and my Battery Health is at 90%

    -I post this for those who have the same iPhone so you have an idea of what to expect

  34. M axey

    I believe your method works! I have had an iPhone X for just about a year and it’s battery health is 88%
    I usually let it run down all the way throughout the day without charging it and then charge it over night. Whereas in your method, you charge it here and there. Because your 6S seems to be holding its life compared to my X which I have had for just a year now..

  35. Drxp

    My old 8+ was at like 80 something but I got a replacement one and I wanna keep it 100

  36. Tlr Pltz

    I’ve been doing that

  37. BestRyan1

    Mine is 83% 😭

  38. Wan Anis Nadhirah

    oh my ! I’ve got 82% . what should I do to get 100% ?🙂😂

  39. TooHeavy

    I have an 8+ with 92% and I have only had it for 9 months…

  40. Alolan Charizard Master

    Is it ok to charge your phone while your playing on it or no and your saying I could charge my iPhone 6 Plus overnight and nothing happens? But what percent I should charge my phone 30%-40% also should you let your iPhone die couple times?? Sorry idrk what your saying 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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