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  1. Joseph Stalin

    Vladimir Putin made me proud…

  2. Kolateak

    Man those Fiji dudes weren't even trying, were literally just waving their arms while walking

  3. Mosieur Pepe

    Lmao everyone else comes in uniforms but the Fiji group turns up in sandals XD

  4. Mosieur Pepe

    Lmao everyone sends like 30+ soldiers and Cambodia sends 5 XD

  5. Jay Mahakal

    No Indian Army ? 🤔

  6. Pietro Jenkins

    Where's the Israeli IDF marching formation here ?

  7. Rolando Hancco Quispe

    Qué grande desfile militar felicidades china, Rusia e sus aliados saludos desde Perú Cusco

  8. Ronald Perez

    Mexico and China !!!!! Together best friends

  9. Bektur Apsamatov

    Кыргызтан алга

  10. Geronimo Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


  11. Da ni

    I miss the german army formation in hystorical uniforms. 😉

  12. Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 117

    Aren’t Bayonets outdated?

  13. LA2047

    I'm surprised Russia sent troops for this. Usually the military "big boys" (US, UK, France, Germany, Russia) don't participate in this sort of thing. Still, that Russian guard was CRISP!

  14. GoldenBadger

    2:44 dudes like "pretty good, eh?"

  15. arthur lewis

    7:03 Why are the Russians flying the French flag?

  16. Lala La

    Ееее! Наши солтатики на заставке ) 🇰🇬 Алга, ёпт!

  17. janan berserker

    Damnnnnnnn Chinese military PLA song mixed and matched in every nations march!!!!!

  18. Matthew Chim

    China…China…China… What is going on here

  19. Tama Matu

    Guess we know who we are fighting in ww3

  20. Buzzramjet

    This is the model Comrade Trump wants for his parade July 4th

  21. wdh 3007

    Why doesn’t the U.S. not have military parades like this?

  22. Baba Shaikh

    I guess the soilders Carry gun's without bullet's

  23. Miguel Alonzo

    This was in Moscow not China. LOL

  24. OMAR MARWAN official

    Love to see the Afghan Army

  25. Literally Hitler

    Mexicos uniforms are surprisingly good.

  26. Samuel Truncale

    Wish the US was there.

  27. Chapinissimo

    And the point being?🙄

  28. Adis narbaev narbaev

    Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan did well than other soldiers

  29. Julia Hamilton

    That is NiCe ChiNa alloWed So ManY differenT Countries to PartiCiPate to MaRch!😮☺🙂😨😯😜

  30. Julia Hamilton

    China Too! TheY R PrePareD!😨🤤😓

  31. Emin Dauti

    Eh Da ne bijo ja To a Drugove i Drugarize Super je Nama To Canxxx Puma

  32. ioan pena

    6:03 Vanuatu brought their entire army to the ceremony !!!

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