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  1. Scott

    My sister found a lambchop puppet at an estate sale today and bought it. Now I play this.

  2. א Revaria א

    The kids who were singing this is probably in a wheelchair by now

  3. Kitten Plaz

    Press “f” for that poor woman

  4. Kelly Ogden

    This is my favorite song!!!!

  5. hoffman sim


  6. SavHoneyBadger

    When i first learned this song my father told me: Tim, dont learn anything that is going to irritate the hell out of me

  7. Andrew Burgess-Linden

    My Friend asked me to watch her kid because She needed a Nap after listening to Baby Shark for 5 hours.

    So I taught him this Song.

  8. The Goat


  9. Malak Ish

    My cousin watched the og episode I wish it would end lol

  10. Tech-priest of Mars

    Used this to annoy my aunt.

  11. Darkaneian 420

    kill me please

  12. Alexander powers

    This is 2019 what am I doing with my life???

  13. Lo Lowe Media

    HAHA… My nephew said he was bored… Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  14. Daniel Gonzalez

    When you realize it’s actually “the song that doesn’t end”

    Me:*mind explodes*

  15. TR_Prodota


  16. Magnus Guglius Vuglius

    That’s how I feel about Star Wars now. It’s the saga that never ends.

  17. Tommy amazon

    how do i turn this o f f

  18. Mint Chipz

    Women: tRiGgErEd

    Edit: 1 like! Thanks bud! (╥ω╥`)

  19. A Non Human

    It says dosnt????

  20. lps naturestar

    This song will never get old🤣🤣🤣🤣 its agelesss! Hahaha

  21. lps naturestar

    They started singing not knowing what it was. Well i will give them a reason why started singing it because it catchy . And would it be better if put on baby shark?

  22. Panda Gal

    Please free me!

  23. The Mighty Ginkgo

    When I was in the hospital, the doctor was trying to diagnose my Bipolarism.
    So he asked me. " Have you ever had a strange burst of energy and found yourself doing something most people would consider odd?"
    "Well.. just the other night I was walking around the house singing The song that never ends at 4am at the top of my lungs"

    He stopped writing, looked at me, looked down at his chart and said " Well..You're gonna be on 20Mg of Lexapro from now on:"

  24. SonicWizardPal TM

    This is a song that does end, yes it goes on and on my friend, some people started singing not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing it forever just becuase…

  25. 808Sistah

    The song ends at 10:12:40

  26. Ayden Torres

    This song is fucking retarded

  27. Leroy Vasquez

    Sounds familiar?
    1 Hint: Orange
    And he is annoying

  28. Amine Faang


  29. Wyatt Nooodles

    oh no i just said the first lyric

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