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  1. Downshiftology

    Here you go! You've been requesting a healthy habits video for a long time. 😉 I'd love to hear in the comments below any additional healthy habits that have helped YOU on your wellness journey. And don't forget to pop over to IG and our private FB group (linked in the video description), where we'll continue the discussion! xo – Lisa

  2. Kia Hamm

    In 2004 I was diagnosed with celiac. And you are right it does, well at least for me, set you on the course for wellness. I remember reading something it could have been by Louise Hay, that stated "sickness prepares you for health." It is not an easy journey, but with my own research and wonderful videos like yours it makes it a bit easier! Thanks!

  3. Julia Soul liven

    Lisa, have you ever done a video on Chia seeds.? I would love to know how to use them. Love your videos.

  4. Joise A

    Thank you for the reminders.

  5. Nina M

    Such a valuable content ! I loved every tip you talked about ❤

  6. Fish Man

    New subscriber and these tips are fantastic ❤️

  7. Holly Grail

    Please don’t do that sip and gulp break on your video, it’s disgusting 🤢🤮 …. Enough for me to stop watching 👋🏻

  8. Raj Creations

    Great tips, I have to work on tip number 9, spend time with Mother Nature.

  9. Tamara Cargill

    I have celiacs my self and have been on this path for 13 yrs thank you for sharing!

  10. Linda Landry

    What do use use for a natural stew?

  11. Tobbstar

    Should skip veggies and stick to meat once a day. Would recommend watching michayla Petersson and her battle against AI disease sickness.

  12. Linda Landry

    Do you drink green teas?

  13. Ida Fariba

    so good

  14. Everlastingg1

    What are your recommendations in eating healthier but on a budget?

    I recently been diagnosed with a heart condition and high cholesterol. I want to make a change and adopt a healthier lifestyle but it seems to only work for a week or two before I can’t afford to continue. I am a student and living on my own right now, so it is quite difficult to stay on track. It would mean the world to me if you have any advice.

  15. Kat M

    Loved the video! I also loved your pajamas, where did you get them from?

  16. Erica Hiser

    Is that a coffee up or bowl of soup lol

  17. Keri Stevenson

    I need to ask, are tomato’s an issue for you as far as inflammation. I’ve been seeing this, and am not a happy camper, I love tomato’s.

  18. Christine Miner

    Really good list—full of wisdom. Thank you!

  19. Just Justine

    My 2020 goal is to eat at home and maintain a clean house. I spend a full two days cleaning a week and never have time to cook dinner

  20. Lleyton Rutz

    you should be a cake judge

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