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  1. Bestie

    WATCH 🎥: 12 Signs That Your Kidneys Need Help –

  2. Susan Milbank

    Do you mean albumin when you refer to albinum in egg whites?

  3. George Wachiuri

    Good information

  4. crash n burn

    Already eating many of these. Thanks didn t know they were helping my 1 kidney. Plus I love pineapple.

  5. Ryan Dulay

    Exactly the right info I've been searching.

  6. Chingy Changy

    Doesn’t all food first need to be non GMO to render good health as opposed to GMOS?

  7. Chingy Changy

    Interesting…only (1) Black skin person sitting at the table very underrepresented in video!

  8. Mark Von Lopez

    oh man did i hear albinum? man all i thought it was albumin. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  9. Esteban Lipa

    Take note that Vit C is destroyed by heat. So all these talks about Vit C on a certain food is useless if that food goes to the pot. Conversely lycopene is only released by heat. So if bell pepper is cooked, one cancels the other. Lycopene is released while Vit. C is desyroyed…

  10. Barbara F Miller

    Yes I all ready do

  11. Barbara F Miller

    What if you can't eat slot of these foods

  12. Lydia Paez

    I thought your blog for kidney problem, can’t eat potassium anymore.

  13. Lydia Paez

    That is not a shiitake mushrooms, that is button mushrooms.

  14. wayua muthiani

    Thank you so much I appreciate each and everything.I love it.

  15. †ANGÉ|†

    I came across albumin on the web but didn't find the Albinum mentioned at 4:19..

  16. docvic65

    egg whites provide "albumin", not "albinum"…jus' sayin…

  17. Servoujklentz Duterte

    Bestie Manganese is not Mg check your video, Manganese is Mn.

  18. Angela Shock

    Those are radishes, not turnips.

  19. 7aloha7

    confusing! What about kidney patients who have hyperkalemia (high potassium) which can make the heart stop. Video seems to stress the importance of having potassium yet most kidney patients have to be very careful of potassium and phosphorous.

  20. Lespaul Arkay

    Some YouTube video and some says potassium is bad. And some YouTube said potassium is good. Who to trust?

  21. Rose S. Dizon

    Excellent video

  22. Donna Hall8117

    Great information. I need plenty of potassium #MrsDonna

  23. Wylla Mendoza


  24. Trendy Health News

    Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common risk factors for kidney disease. However, obesity, smoking, genetics, gender and age can also increase the risk😎

  25. Kelsey Ayars

    Thank god blue berries strawberry's and pineapple are on there

  26. Tyrone Rex

    I've been hearing a lot of potassium and was waiting for you to mention bananas. But you never did.

  27. Enrique Martinez

    how do you prepare turnips?

  28. Enrique Martinez

    what about eating leafy greens ??

  29. Enrique Martinez


  30. Dadvice TV - Kidney Health Coach

    Really good video – love the animations and the energy of the person doing the voice over.

  31. N O P E

    No watermelon or pineapple for pre diabetics

  32. Remi Hmar

    its is good

  33. ARELA彰

    Thanks a millions it’s great excellent information god bless and peace

  34. Nicholas Boscaino

    Good video but get with the times. Cholesterol isn't a problem. Lectins and insulin is the trouble that makes cholesterol a problem.

  35. Marie Ann Laforteza

    Love it, thanks and be blessed

  36. TEE TV

    Great one… What about reducing belly fat?

  37. Magpie

    Steak & Kidney pie – yummy!

  38. Miriam Maduka

    God bless you. Keep up the good work. I learnt a lot which I never knew


    Thank you

  40. Nothemba Pride

    Is it still okay to fry the peppers and anion? Or we have to eat them raw?

  41. Kayla Porter

    I love eating mushrooms

  42. Global Wellness Tv

    Love your video, great work!

  43. Jazzy 4you

    "🔔" I REALLY enjoyed this vid. We've got kidney prob's in the family and just couldn't figure out what to do. Does anyone know how to stop protein from dumping in the kidney? Not even the Dr.'s seem to know.

  44. Om Namonarayana

    Food stuff shown in this video is for information of the contents of various minerals etc and not to be taken altogether ! People with ckd should avoid sodium but can take potassium and phosphorous with limited extent.

  45. loveme white

    Thanks Bestie you're Awesome love💖your uploads 🙋‍♀️

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