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  1. Kyle Curry

    Definitely check out Zombieland two and Fractured sounds very interesting. I love Creepshow… The first episode about the kids was kind of like the Stephen King story, Sometimes they come back and the second was crazy fun. Evil Djinn. Good stuff, thanks.

  2. Brandon C.

    I re-watched the 1988 version of The Blob over the weekend. They used to show it on TV every October in New York but I hadn't seen it in years. The movie still holds up pretty well and I still enjoy it. I loved the ending with that priest who was off somewhere preaching to a small group of people and waiting for a "sign" from God as to when the 2nd coming will be. He had a small amount of the blob in a container. Damn good ending. That's one of those happy endings (the town was saved) that also has a bit of a cliffhanger that follows it because the story is not over and dark days could be ahead. I'm surprised they haven't tried to remake The Blob. Well the 1988 one was a financial disappointment so the studios are probably staying away from it. The scene where the cook gets sucked into the sink drain (his head somehow SQUEEZES in there) is still disturbing to me. And I forgot the Blob killed a kid. A commenter mentioned that to me a few weeks ago.

  3. Karen Rob

    Another Good Show !!!

  4. Kool Kitty

    Hey Jenny, I really liked Fractured as well! You're 100% correct, this movie does keep you invested in the characters.I kept going back and forth with what was actually going on. Totally the Shutter Island vibe just like you said! Which I enjoyed as well. ( I'm still not sure what to conclud with that one) Thank you for your honest opinion . Your reviews are well worded and delivered without spoiling the movie! 👍😎

  5. Daphne White

    I am really enjoying the Creepshow episodes

  6. Derek Newton

    Just hearing the plot of one of those movies made me think you should do Kurt Russell’s movie Breakdown.

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