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  1. Niggie Biggie

    4:26 What branch of military is this?

  2. 方远莉


  3. 潘穆隆

    世界最強的軍容,訓練最嚴謹軍隊, 身為中國人最大的驕傲

  4. Steve Washington

    和叠被子一样的意义 – 兵演,演戏的演

  5. Dula Johnstone

    Phew..if they march like this!!

  6. Zyan

    What a brilliantly managed parade! 100% Synchronized and done with perfection. Long live China, Lot's of love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤🇨🇳.

  7. Patriotic Jamaican

    Precision, Pomp, Pageantry. Well done 👍👏.

  8. Jude Tan

    Long live my beloved😘JAPAN🎌❢❢ 🙌 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Jude Tan

    People's Republic of China 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  10. downhilltwofour00

    Here we go! Marchin' round the Square!

  11. K Rie

    Meanwhile, in Africa they are begging US and Europe to give them aid to survive with abundant mineral resources. Africa is a Shameless continent. This is a country with extreme poverty in 70s.

  12. Nolan Forsyth

    I was in a military parade once in Melbourne Australia to celebrate the coral Sea battles they had in WW 2. Was an honor to be in it. Will never forget it. This was back in 1967 had a great time. My ship the USS Canberra CAG 2 HEAVY GUIDED MISSLE CRUISER was named after a Australia ship that was sunk in WW 2. HMAS CANBERRA. THESE PARADES BRING BACK MEMORIES.

  13. Nolan Forsyth

    Would be nice if America had a parade for our service men and women. President TRUMP wanted one but the low life democrats had a hissy fit about it. The democrats are like children most of the time. Always have to have their way. Am so sick of their always trying to impeach with a lot of nonsense. I'm sick of it and I know a lot of other people are to.

  14. hassan shayegannik

    Mao's revolution created a healthy, progressive, and prosperous nation beyond expectations!

  15. Dank Boi

    China getting ready for the Hong Kong massacre

  16. Muskan Khan

    Long live Pak China friendship

  17. POV Own mind

    In HK young people don’t go thru military or national service…. a bunch of sissies and pussies and wanna act tough like Gangsta … once get caught I want to go home… cry to mommy!

  18. jack london

    Strong China

  19. jack london

    Live to China from Moscow

  20. Abdullah Pussies

    This impressive parade is possible bcoz of 10 months of prison training in a training camp and not allowed to go home for 10 months. Relatives could only visit these participants for only once a mth with 2 state agents watching over them.

  21. P Kann

    However beautiful it may look with a show of power, I am getting bored to see these large parades again and again from the Hitler's time. See how many people march and for how long and how far. It's even tiring to watch. China is treating its soldiers like pawns in a video game. To me, it's getting to be a joke.
    There needs to be some big change where it is entertaining and disciplined. Something very different.

  22. ED Zen

    No one can stop China from moving forward, long live China !

  23. L Blue


  24. Ken kenny

    What a discipline and coordination…no wonder, China is moving ahead so fast!

  25. ziggy2009

    Wow. They can march. Impressive…

  26. Free Mind

    Only the lady brigade, please arrest me I beg u, all of u.

  27. Dawar-DawarMotion Videos

    I can't stop watching this video! WOW!! Super amazing… Long live CHINA!!!

  28. Abid Khan

    Great wealth requires great armies to protect them

  29. jonathan ero

    u think u are strong enough to beat the russian army….? i dont think so

  30. Dreadnought Jeffries

    Wow 😲 total perfection

  31. Rodell Williams


  32. M Qurashi

    Perfection. 100%. Pakistan China Friendship Wong soa.

  33. John Wickes

    I'm gonna shag every woman in that red uniform.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. wei liu


  35. wei liu

    I love your china

  36. carforumwanker

    some nice chicken chow main pussy there

  37. Little Wing Jhendrix

    Meanwhile in HK they're having a different kind of party.

  38. Prashanta Thapaliya

    This will be be reminded after 10 years as recommendation by YouTube.

  39. Junior Maretti

    America should learn a lesson, not that bullshit parade they did that other day

  40. Andrew

    US military can copy this easily

  41. Rodrigo Ruiz

    The women look like marching Girl Scouts

  42. 荣欢


  43. Justice

    Wow, every movement is timed to perfection. Even their height is almost the same. Awesome. Keep up the good work China.

  44. DingDongChingChong

    Military parade. Level Asian.

  45. Dhamaka News

    So professional army….Love for Pakistan……….

  46. ednan9

    The Red iron roses are enough to take down many other armies


    If you want to see it again,wait 10 years,😅

  48. suo suo


  49. Favour A Imosemi

    Beautiful love you all from Nigeria

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