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  1. The Man

    thank you.
    though the audio is bit fucked.

  2. Gypsyjan55

    This is my ‘go-2’ video for Tai Chi. I really appreciate everyone involved n sharing this. Excellent exercise 4 breathing & I always try 2 imagine moving energy or water. I was taught 2 imagine a beach ball of air &-or energy. Inhale the present.. exhale the past. Thank you 4 sharing. JaN

  3. KaZ Cruse Akers Writes

    Fantastic. Thank you. I’m a Qigong instructor and I love learning from other teachers!!!!

  4. david robinson

    Appreciated. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Ines Newell

    I still enjoy practicing it most mornings. So thanks

  6. ya yaya

    must be legit cuz they look "chinese". even though they mix languages in the title. and speak the language of the south when TCM 101 says that tropics do not produce natural intellect but only mindless memorization and copycat mind at best.

  7. Sheikh Abrahim

    can absolute beginner learn the correct forms by watching this video?

  8. musa dinsos

    Senam Thai merupakan seni bela diri cina sebagai senam pernapasan

  9. Sandra Ring

    Thank you for upload!

  10. alekx58

    wang wang zai

  11. linda phul

    YouTube tourne sans cesse.

  12. Philip Grundy

    Nice practice.

  13. Gee Löwe

    What's the name of this qigong teacher? I also like the way he is doing the 18 movement.

  14. Trudy HUSKEY

    I found this randomly, but love it.  I do when I get up, and it really creates an energy.  It must be the various movements and breathing.

  15. Alexuz Hernz

    Tank you so much is pretty much easier to learn from this videos then going in to the classes. I love this video and I really needed it.

  16. Ileana

    Brilliant, at last something I can do. Many thanks.


    Esta sequência linda de shibashi é uma ferramenta importante de trabalho

  18. George Dragonetti

    Very helpful practice! What is the teacher saying as each exercise changes? Is there a specific way to breathe,i.e. in and out with each movement change?


    The Chi Kung is much faster then I'm use to. But there were some great exercises in the set.

  20. Георгий Сикоев

    Хорошая техника и даёт много гармоничной Ци!))

  21. Lynn Jensen

    What is the instructors name in this video please? I don't see it listed anywhere. I am hoping to learn more about him.

  22. Embrecht Broeders

    Great to see the master himself doing the 18 form, thanks for sharing. Greats form Holland, Embrecht

  23. nikos t

    Εχcellent video!
    thanks for uploading!!!!

  24. SilentxWorld

    Can this be helpful for Scoliosis? Thank you!

  25. Júlia dos Santos Meneses

    Muito bom! Obrigada pela generosidade em partilhar algo que nos faz tão bem!

  26. Chris Taylor

    Please pass on my thanks to the teacher in this video. I have incorporated this into my morning practice and it works a treat.

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