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  1. george hinckle

    how bout showin some game play and shutin the f up. how bout that?

  2. Kurōdo 91

    The title should be…
    " team usa destroys chinchong ricefield doggo muthafvckas"

  3. Don Atta

    Where is the fucking highlight? No one wants to listen to this shit.

  4. iPhamous X

    It's hilarious how Chinese people are saying America can't win anything without black people when most of Team USA people are white. Plus they're already winning gold medals. Smh no wonder why Chinese people come to America to get their education.

  5. david douglas

    who gives a fuck about the gay ass u.s team winning

  6. Alex Wang

    Black should be banned on Olympic

  7. NDvlogz

    Next thing I know is US gets DESTROYED by CHINA in some sport.

  8. Fortin

    Poor chinese

  9. Winja

    Basketball isn't China's strongest sport if you were to put table tennis diving or badminton against US they would definitely win. Why isn't that in the headtitles

  10. Kayla Lee

    China = imitation what they have been for the last 30 years is copycat. every country around the world has about 10% to $30% Chinese imitation, luckily they can't imitate sports lol.

  11. Rubi. Euph

    I feel funny that when it comes to Olympic or basketball, Americans suddenly remember their black bros… Nice game to African Americans, good job!

  12. Eveholycross

    So many butthurt Chinese in comments section, keep them coming plz. It's hilarious.

  13. Asaptaco

    When you play 2k on rookie mode

  14. comment1511

    lol gloating is a sign of insecurity

  15. Peter Parker

    The big question is, Can USA basketball boycott Olympics? What more do they have to prove? Its evident, the B team doing their job like the A team. Nothing unusual.

  16. BrownMarksman

    Bruh, Scalabrine could take China's whole team on his own.

  17. Richard Settle


  18. Ian H.

    Did any of the Chinese cheat?

  19. Brian Tan


  20. Jones Sandy

    I'm team China all the way out of these two options, but the title doesn't bother me at all… It's literally what happened…

  21. Andy Tong

    you get the fuck out South China sea fucker. no one care just a game.

  22. karllorenzilagan

    made in china…

  23. Ron's GTR Gadgets Travel, Rides

    What's up with the Chinese who leaves bad taste/comments. They got destroyed, humiliated, trashed, lost bad, not even close, etc, etc… Always complaining. When Australian swimmer Horton won the gold against druggie chinese swimmer Sun Yan, Chinese complained when Horton stated that he doesn't respect cheaters. When China lost the South China Sea case at the Hague Tribunal, they cry and cry. What a bunch of sore loser. And let's not forget China cheated during Asia FIBA against Philippines. What else is new with China.

  24. sue lee

    That's because there are all black dudes, they way stronger than white people! where are your white Americans team are ?? America has No chance to win about anything without black people, include music and politics! Boom

  25. scott šzabo

    Olympic basketball is a farce when the only good team is the NBA, i mean United States

  26. 楊浩

    Destroys China,so table tennis,badminton or diving can write the news title call"How Team china destorys US in Rio 2016" ? LOL,seems can be.

  27. Rolando Bersamira jr

    thank you usa for beating and destroying china

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