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  1. max blaser

    how does Miu get coached this is china super leauge and they speak different languages

  2. Alex K.

    21:35 what a backhand, and she knows it!

  3. 在日問題・背乗りの清算

    in six months ~?

  4. atsushi n-


  5. Peter Chan Chan

    Hirano is the most lovely table tennis player I have ever seen.

  6. Rolland Ibrahim


  7. ty0ung0s

    Hirano’s straight-game loss to Ding Ning here makes me seriously doubt that she could win the 2016 World Cup 3 weeks ago when Ding Ning was there. Anyway they are not at the same level in terms of skills, experience and achievement. Like the Chinese say, Ding Ning has eaten more salt than Hirano has eaten rice. ★★★★★

  8. atsushi n-


  9. Gary Su

    that guy on hiranos team is the ugliest guy, and ding nings serve at 19:47 is the ugliest serve.

  10. James Lee

    Thanks, J@nus

  11. han121193

    Ding ning Best!

  12. Evan Zeng

    The shouts of DN's fans are so boring.

  13. zxcvfd

    miu is so cute, hope she could learn some chinese. lol

  14. ZestLight

    ᕙ (๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ 16 y/o Hurricane Hirano @6:25 @6:42 @13:09 @16:21@18:54 @19:46 @21:33 Getting Stronger Everyday!

  15. Satou

    Hirano played very well, better than Ito Mima i think.

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