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  1. kl wies

    Racism in China is different from the Western part with for many different groups, income, educated to uneducated to stereotype similarities to the west. Anti foreigner sentiment in China getting more prevalent and not due to race but more nationalism the connection with past colonialism china experiences to now more toward looking at Whites as not superior to chinese people to Govt attitude towards Africans immigration to China as an employment problem rather than race but for the Population is associating Africans as jungle dwellers and backward country to equate as same status as migrant worker to criminal elements.

    Globalization and belt and road link very closely as it is used as the ticket to alleviate increased Protectionism from the West. Instead of selling to the West it is shifting production gradually to Africa for low cost and low capital intensive sectors as China shifts to consumption for economic growth while replacing the West in producing and selling its exports to Africa. Globalization works in a way whereby US and Europe serves as primary consumer to soak up imports of low value added products.

    China will gradually but perhaps in a faster way open up their markets in low value added products as they shift to higher value added products for exports while stimulating domestic consumption to drive new growth engine focus on innovation and productivity. Wage rises will anchor the growth of china's service sector as well as consumer products that will become more expensive and higher tech. Profit margin and quality go hand in hand with productivity and wage rises.

    The grand scheme of China's globalization will be China serves are the primary buyer of African low value added products while owning the investment or making profits in investments of belt and road serves as that infrastructure that both help Africa develop into a market for China as well as the other way around.

  2. Colin Tan

    OBOR regime changing is Xi's answer to CIA regime changing. OBOR regime changes thru' investments in infrastructure in their interests of more commodity trades. CIA regime changes thru' investments in security in their interests of more arms trades.

  3. kamhong

    As a Chinese  person I was born in 1962 and the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiacs , so I am a tiger through and through . Am I being racist to myself describing myself a tiger ? People reading too much into this exhibition ……… It is a question of cultural misunderstanding .

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