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  1. Mike LottermannLOL

    You Guys should come over here to Germany/ Berlin. We met some years ago in Downers Grove IL and in Elgin at the Fairy Fest and meanwhile I returned to Germany. Regards Michael

  2. Jonathan Zielske

    What a fun and amazing experience you had – thanks for sharing! Glad you were able to be there and bring your talent, charm, and wit to another part of the world.

  3. David Piotrowski

    Wow, what a magnificent journey! Looks like you rocked China, just like you do everywhere you go. Thanks for the great video of your experiences on the tour. It was really fun to see some of the cities you played in and the food you ate there, as we will be going to China for 19 days in late October. And you might be returning next year …good for you!

  4. Barb ROWE

    Awesome! And you've proved that "Anything is Possible!" My favorite song!

  5. John Fineberg

    What a wonderful opportunity you had!

  6. GabyMama808

    We absolutely love this compilation! Thank you for sharing! Smiles and goosebumps while watching. What an amazing adventure!!! So happy for you!!! ❤

  7. hinchtuber

    Thanks for sharing !

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