24 Hour Game Master Music Video Challenge! Name Reveal of Best Friend | Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo must produce 10 music videos within 24 hours to save their best friend and reveal her true identity. Rebecca Zamolo created my best …

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  1. cung lian

    I think she lied or doing 1 month 24ourlike if u agree👇👇

  2. teresa Jimenez

    Alice is lieing

  3. Kitty ?

    i think amanda is betraying the zam fam 🙁

  4. Liliana Goss

    Alice didn’t lose her memory.

  5. Mackenzie Adams

    Maybe the numbers are the letters in the alphabet because there is 26 letters in the alphabet

  6. Destini Hutson

    I think Amanda is her real name. I just thought that ever scince the AM clue. And like this comment for my birthday and if you think Alice knew the Rewind songs. Alice looked like she was singing. the Rewind.

  7. lumta asanoska

    I know the code 42361171272466171713144

  8. Fidel Polanco


  9. Brodie & Rowan

    Her name might be amber

  10. Brook Kunert

    I think the numbers might be her real name

  11. The Pressley girls

    I think her name is Amy

  12. tammy Pescud

    I have the same necklace as GMI r

  13. Winter dimand

    Did any one else notice the pin that agent C was wearing ???

    👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼

  14. Anna Czyszczon

    When Rebecca was saying to change shirts into costumes she said GMI shirts not GMN! 3:20


    Maybe Mandy? "Y" sounds like an "E".🤔
    Maybe she's a clone. Did you check to see if she has a Bar Code?
    Whoa! She pushes Matt to the ground! I thinks it's her clone!😲

  16. Maria Rodriguez

    I think you should do a lie Dectcor test and ask her if she actually lost her memory to see if she is liing or telling the truth 😞😞

  17. Wilmar Cifuentes

    I hate alice she has something secretive ignore. For 24 hours
    Bad alice

  18. Annabelle Durden

    Alice is a big fat liar 🤥

  19. Milena Tapia

    I think "Alice" did not actually forget anything I don't trust her

  20. Sabrina Ring

    I’m writing down all the numbers in the video

  21. Gacha_Playzz ._.

    16:03 thats rude how she just pushed matt 😡
    What is SHE doing

  22. Cringe Kingdom

    Rebecca or me cause my name is Rebecca I think Alice wants to start over

    this is what I think and she remembers her memorie completly

  23. Amber Nicole

    If she lose her memory that means she may still think she in gmi and let mr X out of jail or working with him still and that’s means that mr x might have her on a Mission to try to be your friend again and I’m a big fan

  24. tiffany quintana

    Dr.S was passing Dr.R…

  25. grasiela _thequeen

    who thinks her name is amella like if u agree

  26. Jailen Collins

    I think Alice really know her name she probably with the police that she was talking to

  27. yy z

    My name is Amanda

  28. Divionne Hickman

    I know the last it is 4 13

  29. Little Mia

    F amber is mean

  30. Gracie Ferrucci

    When you guys where talking when she"lost her memory Alice said Oh!hi black Jack and peanut! because he came into the living room plz give me a shout out!

  31. Naomi Kinsinger


  32. Kirsty Jolly

    Alice was rude at the end of the video because she pushed Matt over on to the floor/sand

  33. Finley Wunnenberg

    I think she is faking and her name could be named Amanda with an E

  34. isla page


  35. Killer Diamond

    she didn't lose her memorie because remeber people name

  36. Iriani Garcia


  37. Ming gan Zhuo

    numbers are 42361171272466171713144

  38. Liana Tcherniavski

    Who is behind the camera it’s not Daniel because when you were doing signed a contract Daniel was in it so who is behind the camera can you do a reveal

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