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  1. Libbie For Cuchi

    Steven reminds me of Tyler Down

  2. T Cross

    Fun. Because cake is wonderful.

  3. Brown Dog

    sausage fest

  4. blah blah blah

    They make a cute couple! Im not saying they're gay, just sayin. 😁

  5. Misan tropo

    I find this pretty pointless, the value of stuff only depends on how much people are willing to pay for it, if you can fool some suckers into paying a thousand dollars for a cake it has nothing to do with its quality, this is more commom with clothing tough, people are braindead when it comes to some small brand stamp on their clothes.

  6. Kevin Smith

    6:50 That's what she said

  7. deepforce123

    Adam is so cute, I love him.

  8. Penapple Pineapple

    I love how all the cheapest ones are small family companies that are so innocent

  9. Kristin Cas

    Its a tight cake….😕……i loveeeee cake

  10. Ynigo Yzahaille

    Noooooo last season

  11. o k

    2 minutes in, can't handle the sweetness making me gag

  12. dark side

    Samsung vs Apple 🙂

  13. Alex TDM

    For the last cake u should’ve gone to Cake Boss

  14. Xxipixieixxi

    adam is great

  15. The Green Dragon Lair

    cries in lactose intolerance

  16. Manny Tiburcio

    Adam is having the time of his life

  17. Jerry Yauri

    2:55 that’s what she said 😏

  18. Gentile Defense League Mirrors

    Food porn

  19. Kelly McInturff

    whyyyyyyyyyy does the cake designer at Bottega Louie pronounce macron WRONG???

  20. Keketso Ramaisa

    “It’s a tight cake, and that’s what I like” 🤣

  21. Grace Waszkiewicz

    Not macaroons mr baker – they are macarons!!!!!!

  22. Grace Waszkiewicz

    Too much talk about nothing…

  23. TheFunnyBuddy

    Here I'm thinking "If I was there I'd devour the cakes"
    Meanwhile, they're saving it for the rest of their team.

  24. Daniela Pagliaro

    The milk n berries cake is only 28.00???? or is that a slice? Looks great.

  25. Ilya Frey

    i want cake

  26. Da_Matorix Yt

    And to thinks that they get paid to do this!!!!

  27. Nicholas Franco

    13:03 "What am I, Canadian?"

  28. Stanley Marsh

    James Charles dad is obviously the last chef

  29. SuperReedScott

    Why didn't they show Adam Sandler? They only mention his name!

  30. Shinatsuki

    The first one offers a beautiful tasy cake and sandwichs? Heck yea!

  31. TheClumsy Sisters

    He keeps saying macaroons! They are mac-a-rons! Not mac-a-roons-.-

  32. Camila S

    I'd love to try the first cake… Looked so delicious

  33. Badal Soni

    Hey guys I think you guys should same flavour cake in different prices then you will correctly say which bakery give grat cake with great price🤔🤔

  34. America Heart

    This is how many people are on a diet but still whatching this.

  35. eagle eye

    No way Jose, to the last cake!

  36. makes me feel hungry!!!

  37. Sparte_

    2:55 that's what she said

  38. SweetCottonCandy Edits

    Who ever eats that last cake is going to get diabetes.

  39. Lily Val

    Lucky bastards you have the money for that ! I just want to try 1slice once at least or small version to have for birthday for a few days for me only mostly or if have people to share small one. I can't even $20 or more is outrageous for a cake, much less $1,260 etc, whatever it wax or $39 & up no way ! For something else the most $100, & $20 save, or payments up to $1,000, etc cuz is more for pc, electronics, tv, ps4, etc, but not that. Lol

  40. Tom Haflinger

    It's interesting to watch these older episodes where Andrew's character seems kind of annoyed with Steven, which was totally in line with Andrew's persona, and in more recent episodes there's a cohesive duo.

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