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  1. ChiiSan09

    We just got an instantpot for Xmas, do you have any healthy recipes you recommend for it?? We did a balsamic pork and Lord was it amazing!

  2. Leander T

    I'm gonna add a little sumac to the marinade in the first recipe and use less cinnamon and do it with tofu. Thanks!! 🙂

  3. Mamofone Teen

    He’s read plenty thank you. He eats his carbs at lunch time., generally brown pasta or rice. As an 19 year adult he can eat his carbs and whatever carbs, whenever he wants too.

  4. Marie Rhodes

    I’m going to try all three! Tfs

  5. Mae M

    💙[ The Domestic Geek ✅] 💙
    " Thanks for sharing these recipes with your viewers ! "

  6. Happy and Healthy Life

    Really informative and healthy recipes…❤❤❤

  7. Darya Kuleshova

    Thanks for another great video!!

  8. Sigrun2

    Low Carb with rice and taco?

  9. Samira

    Love your top
    Where do u get it from

  10. Luis M

    Cute how she tries to properly pronounce spanish lol

  11. Donnamarie304

    How about some instant pot meals? I'm definitely trying that chicken salsa verde recipe. Love your channel 😘

  12. berfin suren

    I’m Turkish and there is no cinnamon in shawarma ever

  13. Sherry Lovenguth

    I’m hooked! Going to check out your plans too ( finally after all these years lol).

  14. Cathy Barker

    Happy new year as always your recipes never disappoint great info

  15. Jeannette Martinez

    This is my menu for the week 🥰

  16. marandaification

    These are great, thank you!

  17. Diane Winfrey


  18. Miss Tania

    Happy New Year, Gorgeous!

  19. David Friedman

    please stop saying hi/hello lovelies lol

  20. Christeen Price

    Awesome, thanks

  21. Títí & Nia

    Love these recipes 😋

  22. Ann C

    That turquoise color 😍
    Oh yeah, the recipes look amazing as usual

  23. Shaneska Melendez


  24. Halima Omar

    Happy New year!!!! I started my weight loss journey today , this came at the right time . Thank you😘

  25. Chandanee Mistry

    could you do something veganuary related maybe?

  26. Hana Schmidt

    Absolutely loved this and will be trying some recipes out tomorrow! I love low carb diets and this 28 day health challenge really helped me to maintain a healthy diet and to lose weight,. Here is the link: https://28dayketo.com/?hop=idhpio97 I hope it helps anyone else out there <3 All the best for 2020 x

  27. BusyMommyLife BySadie

    Healthy crockpot recipes please?

  28. Colleen Beamer

    Not a fan of fish, but the chicken recipes are right up my alley – especially the shawarma one 'cause I think my son could live on chicken shawarma for a lifetime, he loves it so much. This is probably the best shawarma recipe I've seen if you can't do it the traditional way on a spit. 👍😊

  29. Diana Jimenez

    I can’t wait to try the blackened salmon!

  30. Laona Benda

    Awesome, thank you these lovely recipes!

  31. Hannah ☀️

    My husband still brings up the time I added cinnamon to a taco recipe ten years ago. "cinnamon does not belong on savory dishes!" Lmao

  32. Melinda Diecidue

    Can't wait to try these recipes out! Thank you!!!

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