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  1. 박지니

    I like the last hair style!

  2. Scarlet Skys MSP

    The buns are super cute!

  3. うさぎToph

    How do you make buns?

  4. Unknown Artist

    You're really beautiful! That's something I'll never be.

  5. Chow Verena

    i try


    Pretty hair styles..

  7. Ashley Lopez


  8. I love Mo Dao Zu Shi

    all of them look fab!

  9. Giselle Marban

    Where is your dress from is very pretty

  10. nat 2711

    I like everything. but, my favorite is the third 😁😍👍

  11. Kingsley C

    I love the pigtails one😆😍

  12. Miko Moon

    You're so beautiful!❤

  13. Maffi Does Makeup

    Oh 😩 i love ur dress 😍 pretty tutorial , the final buns are my fav 🤗 this are my style ❤️

  14. Shankar Rangapure

    3 hair style awsm
    i like it👍

  15. glyce paalisbo

    PRETTY <3

  16. Piyankey Piyankey

    your hairstyle is so cute like you👌



  18. To Much 4u

    Omg she looks like wengie and sounds like her😂

  19. TOKYOJOE3943

    why dont you wear a suit case on your hand,,,

  20. TOKYOJOE3943

    The watch sux

  21. Gaile Young

    well i have bangs that's why I can't wear any of these but I LOVE THEM ALL HUHU!!!!


    so helpful

  23. Majuc Khanyisa

    so cute 👌

  24. daniela adriatico

    why do you look like nadin lustre or kathrin bernardo in philipins sorry for wrong spell

  25. Cecilia Garcez

    I looked this up because I have a Chinese dress for thanksgiving

  26. Jimin Mochi

    I always do the chunli hair style!

  27. catcher storm

    Hey the last one the best

  28. Haven

    The thumbnail is my hair right now lol

  29. mercy tenzin


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