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  1. The Canadian Classic

    This video was soooo helpful!! I’ve been feeling in a really low slump lately. this honestly made me tear up because I loved seeing you work on your mental health, and it made me feel less alone. ❤️ I also really appreciated that you were raw and authentic with your steps and goals, and this wasn’t a fluffy challenge or video! Thank you for being so open!

  2. Rachael Iskandar

    You're not alone Renee ❤️ I hope all the weights on ur mind faded away as soon as possible. Sending virtual hugs!! ❣️ Aaand I'm excited to join in the 30 days mental cleanse challenge!! 😍🎉🔥

  3. laura shaw

    love this !! am going to try for September!

  4. Mountain & Moon Hiking

    I would love some of those books. I’m a highly sensitive person and today, after beening on a lifestyle change since feburary I had a huge proses surround my eating dissorder. I am also currently in sports rehab for injures and despite wanting to go and workout need to take it easy. I also love to journal so would love to try those out. You can contact me at @idasweightlossjourney on Instagram. I hope your health is well my friend – thanks for the constant inspiration and also for sharing when things are not OK. Lost of love.

  5. StephxxGonz

    I love that you are so open about mental health. I’ve been going through the same lately! Anxiety is super high and I’m really sensitive. I need to get my life on track and feel amazing again 💕 Good vibes to you!

  6. Laura Dunn

    I just recently discovered you and LOVED this challenge. I actually am going to do it starting tomorrow too! Thank you for posting your very real results for us all to see! So glad you're feeling better.

  7. Aaron Hernandez

    I need to try this! Hang in there and time heals all. Love your channel

  8. Carrie B

    I am DEFINITELY in need of a mental health cleanse. Perfect timing.

  9. Rose Iozzi

    Hi Renee, I'm sort of new to your channel I have watched a few of them and love every single thing you post, especially today's as we all have challenges in our daily life to deal with, I am going to definitely try this 30 day challenge from day 1 when you started to the end I could see a change in you, you looked so happy & less burdened and I love that, I wish you all the best Renee in all that you are going through and may each day make you more and more positive and happy. Well done to you girl xxx

  10. Mantasha Javed Khan

    I think I really need this. Wish I have these journals! ☺️
    Big fan Renee Amberg! 💕

  11. Jessie Cooper

    I just did a 30 day self care challenge and can’t wait to start this cleanse tomorrow in my birthday month! I’ve had anxiety since age 6 and it’s been a rough year this year so I would highly benefit from these journals! Have a great month Renee XX

  12. digitalteacup

    Love this. I need to do a challenge like this so bad. I’ll try for Sept. 💕

  13. Angelina Marie

    Highly support the “what’s in my phone” video idea 🙋🏼‍♀️

  14. Allyssa Quintana

    How do you enter the giveaway that sounds like a awesome thing especially when your stressed out and your mind is literally all over the place being so organized in a book helps so much i wish people had that stuff around my town lol

  15. saraa xoxoxo

    I’ll try this challenge in October 😍 since I’m at college I’m so stressed and look like a mess … this is a really good motivation 😊 thank you! Ps. I’d really like to try there journals .

  16. Nina Na

    What is so bad at being vegan?

  17. Novella Bobo

    I really really need it!!!!!!!! What do I do to enter?

  18. Novella Bobo

    It sounds like your an empath and you are getting hit with depression. I am going through this too. We are losing our fur baby of almost 13 yrs.

  19. Aylin Sueda Kilic

    I love your videos!!! 😘

  20. Ida Karim

    Hi Renee, Would love to see how you organize the app and editing photo ♥️

  21. Marie-Luise

    This is perfect! I will do this in September! Uni starts in October so it’s a great New-Start! 😍👍🏼 Thank you

  22. Summer Gomez

    I've been feeling in a slump with depression, anxiety and wanting to sleep constantly since the middle of July. Now I'm starting to get into my regular routine again. Trying to start my podcast, working out, positive manifestation, affirmations and also getting outside with my 2 Chihuahua mixes 🤗 the sun really helps me and making sure my apartment is fairly clean and organized. Thanks for being so inspiring and sending positive vibes your way 😊🦎🦋🐞🌴🌺🍉🥑🍍🥞🥗☕🏕️🌅

  23. Vidhi Vishariya

    OMG I NEED THE JOURNAL SO BAD! 😭♥️ I'M STRUGGLING WITH JOURNALING FOR ABOUT TWO MONTHS NOW. I'D REALLY APPRECIATE OF YOU SEND IT OUT TO ME. HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY 🙂 if not, could you please link those below so that I can order for myself online.

  24. Grace Nelson

    Can’t wait to get myself those journals!

  25. Alicia Davis

    Can’t even express how much I needed this video! 💕 I just told a friend earlier how I haven’t been in the greatest place lately and I really wanted to pull myself out of it and this would be amazing help! I’d love to enter the giveaway! 💕

  26. Riley Helring

    love your videos so much ! you inspire me everyday and I always look forward to your videos

  27. Sreedevi Sn

    I lost my job, feeling helpless…will do this challenge

  28. Vanessa X

    I love you! I hope you're feeling better x

  29. Ruffy SRK


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