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  1. AirPano VR

    We would be really appreciated if you can help us by translating our videos to your language! Please use this link for translation: https://goo.gl/zax2Wi

  2. shawn mendrek-likesalotofcreamincoffee

    Really wish they would not degrade the graphics of the camera on 360 cams though.

  3. shawn mendrek-likesalotofcreamincoffee

    My GPU bugs out on 8k too choppy. Handles 4k just fine with 360 at what appears to be 60fps.

  4. minh cuong Le

    Video đẹp quá thành phố xinh đẹp

  5. Jaden Claws.

    I Love The Video.

  6. Jonas Galvao

    Qualidade de imagem incrível, maravilhosa!

  7. Czarena Dela Cruz

    Wow so pretty

  8. Czarena Dela Cruz



    Gorgeous city. ♡ ♡ ♡


    Love CHINA 🇨🇳 from Serbia.🇷🇸


    What does 8k mean?

  12. Parmeshwar Lakra

    I want this related videos

  13. Tam i z powrotem


  14. Andrea Dobetti

    360 equirectangular videos: 8k = the "crop" (i.e. the FOV) = real 1080p; 360° 4k = real 720p + 1.5x upscaled to fit a 1080p monitor.

  15. Backpacker One64

    Most populated city? I've been to Shanghai, Mexico City, Tokyo. I think Tokyo is the most crowded by far, has the most restaurants, most bars, most clubs, most tourist sights, most buildings, most districts.

  16. Nake Vang

    I wish I’ll win the lottery jackpot once 🙏

  17. Randy Kosek

    Stunning cityscape. Thank you.

  18. Memasik

    Подписался, это просто ахуенно

  19. 黄梓聪

    I am so glad that Shanghai is not only a business center, an international port and transportation center, a financial and technological hub, but also an industrial city, building gigantic ships like no other place can.

  20. samesaw

    Awesome !!!

  21. CabrioDriving

    Great video as always, somehow the camera or settings lacked dynamic range. The sky is so grey at night, all things have colors washed out. Why is it like this? You could've darkened it a bit with levels in adobe premiere..

  22. 郭翰政

    I come from China,I LOVE CHINA!

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