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  1. Rickly Johnson


  2. Leticia familia

    Que curioso. 🤗sigan mi canal

  3. Amare61087

    Cool but what’s not cool is when you wasted that oreo

  4. Manuel Lemus


  5. Jack Blaxk


  6. Medabow. ink

    is it just me or is this channle showing less click bate?

  7. Pasta


  8. Sukasuki

    5 min craft, I love this!!

  9. Shakila Sampurna

    Ceramah uas

  10. David A. Machado


  11. XenomX


  12. Crowflix

    3:20 yeah everyone just has random rhinestones laying around alright

  13. Mr.PoZiTiV4iK


  14. Key style sambat


  15. Maddie

    ma'am are you wearing a spoon?

  16. kopfgeldjagar

    ALUM POWDER (whatever that is) TURNS INTO AMETHYST!

  17. kopfgeldjagar

    35 cool diy's that are ridiculous, and 2 that are cool.

  18. Pufferfish 72

    The hair brush came off ‘ make another out of hot glue ‘ (you can hot glue the Original on back on )😎

  19. sushanta panda

    the girl is pretty,and also with brain.You know what ,you can eat the crafts made by you,in case you are hungry

  20. El ojo Miron

    Todo esto esta criminal lo que me gusto más es la galleta en el recorrido del vídeo (0:09 a 0:29). 4 Estrellas
    ATT: El Ojo que te ve.

  21. Ya Pasechnik

    37 COOL DIYs YOU CAN EASILY MAKE AT HOMEProceeds to put hot glue on an Oreo.

  22. jonathan rosa

    37 Cool DIYs You Can Easily Do at Home

    Honey, can you get me the casting resin from the closet

  23. Ольга Давлатьорова

    Lol they skipped the hairbrush part, it must’ve failed and the bristles probably got stuck in her hair 😂

  24. Nesko1403


  25. Stephanie Lewis

    What in the world is this stuff it makes no sense

  26. M N

    KALE …

  27. You are a noob

    Because we all have resin at home :/

  28. Veronica Duron

    Me: clicks on video because of thumbnail
    Also me: doesn't find clip in video
    Also also me: impossible, perhaps the
    Archives are incomplete

  29. Сергей Певный

    If you’re going to use that much glue for a hairbrush, why don’t you just GLUE THE ORIGINAL PIECE BACK ON

  30. xTheBraveKnightx - Yeah, I do Stuff

    Not everyone has a hot glue gun at home

  31. Tony McGuire

    No sé yo quien va a ponerse la mierda esa fea

  32. hecl gang

    3:21 how to have bling in prison

  33. Todd Emmons

    Show your face

  34. Оксана Шведко

    oh yes, can easily make it at home with all that casting resin I definitely have lying around…

  35. ThereGoWilly TV

    What’s that first song N this vid

  36. Алёна Шабырова

    Что добавили в пачку с чипсами?

  37. FINDAR Play


  38. AJ Salvato

    I love this!

  39. BPOOL

    i'm INDONESIA…

  40. Rajendra Kumar Nayak

    Nice 🦄

  41. Priya Singh


  42. Lightnite Productions

    I can't believe this channel's gonna be PewDiePie's next competitor! 😂 (CAN'T WAIT FOR DISS TRACKS!! 🤣🤣)

  43. m mn

    37 ideas-we did them so you don't have to.

  44. 生活艾玛


  45. K T


  46. مريم قحطاني


  47. Izlude Tingel

    stephanie tanner?

  48. Mateusz Strzałek

    Such a waste of good cookie…

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