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  1. Edmund of the Angles

    There maybe some evidence of mental health issues in the production of this video

  2. Lisa jane

    Illuminati sell outs

  3. Scott Muir

    You cant complain about the press intruding on your privacy one minute then court it the next when it suits your “charity” persona. Pathetic

  4. Grant Towell

    Famous and yet so stupid.
    Come on Harry! I am a royalist but your are going to make me turn on your family if you carry on with your stupid ideas.
    You are a prince. Show it. Lead the nation.
    There is a crises in your land, you need to start protecting the crown !
    It may be gone in a few years if you and your brother don’t step up and lead.
    Dum trip around South Africa are not a good start.
    The crown ! You need to start working on this.

  5. Lyndon white 👁️

    God 1p in my pocket and more royal

  6. stringer 2295

    Bandwagon. P. R machine spring to mind. Harry is toxic. And a hypocrite.

  7. erh yj

    I wonder if Ed's dad is ginger like Harry's is

  8. bob rail

    Why don't they start in LONDONSTANI and Heathrow thousands of mental cases there at moment 💩💩🍖

  9. Land Rover Videos

    Ed you don’t have to lower yourself with him

  10. skunkyTM

    GINGERS UNITE! IDEALLY ALL IN THE SAME PLACE so you can all be swiftly transferred to your local Fun Exciting Mega Adventure camp for processing and work detail

  11. VibrantSounds

    Typical Ed has a song for everything

  12. Marathon Man

    Harry is insane and lunatic. He is suffering from psychosis.

  13. Wakey

    Not a soul in sight.

  14. Telling It How It Is

    my two fav rangas.. nice

  15. paul hoskin

    Its a good job they are famous and wealthy otherwise

  16. Noor Khalid

    I'm from Egypt I live in Egypt and I love British people and loves princess harry

  17. arnold sanders

    I thought the tabloids like The Sun wasn't going to cover Harry anymore? They can't do it. Harry and Meghan own yall.

  18. Chicken Trev

    Harry’s not ginger he’s 👨‍🦲 Bald

  19. Patrick A. Crawley

    Typical 'non-acceptance' of others. Bonding but not bridge-building, devisiveness corrupted and disguised as acceptance.
    Categorising people.
    Pidgeon-holing and stereotyping.

  20. John Valerian

    PR campaign to make Harry likable. Unfortunately it won’t help the private jet setting privileged hypocrite.

  21. Moi Moi

    Keep going Harry! Thank you for everything you do to highlight mental health and bullying.
    Good luck overcoming your challenges!

  22. Dona Herndon

    These two looks like brothers.

  23. Gena Loop

    snowflake prince and his leftist socialist communist wife

  24. RR Extra

    MC1R Bloodline.

  25. Eiki skogr

    Ed has a makeup artist? Easiest job ever

  26. Robert Brown

    Sheeran is one ugly dude.

  27. TheMadMageGamer

    bring back king George V

  28. A voice In the wildernes

    Very apt.

  29. Ptolemy

    Two Woke gingers, one talented, the other a dim-witted hypocrite.

  30. paul hoskin

    Two gingers don't make it right

  31. billy stagg

    Harry and meghan are so out of touch they are trying desperately to do anything to get recognition

  32. tubehows4life

    People are going way overboard with this mental health thing. The last thing society needs is more victim hood mentalities. Life is tough, suck it up and stop being so dramatic about it.

  33. Unique_007

    I don't know why so many dislikes but,
    Ed is a Champion
    And, the world is gonna take his name
    Such a heart of fame
    He is my most favorite 😘
    I'm a forever true fan no matter even when u grow old.
    I support you from heart 💓

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