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  1. IMO Reviews

    Good work, reporting the facts Sky news

  2. red

    Watch "China Uncensored"

  3. w1ZhI

    As a victim I can confirm this news. Damn CCP took away my brain!

  4. PRAK NOW!

    Jesus of America! Horrible to think of actually. Unspeakable HORROR!
    Worse than anything humans have ever, ever done.

  5. Billy Kruger

    And not a word about the thousands of Christians murdered for profit.

  6. Alvin CA

    right evil is barking. I can see you exhausted.

  7. Timic83tc

    In a clip from 60 Minutes posted to social media on Saturday, Mr Wang said, through a translator, that he was "responsible for organising the cyber army to attack people online".

    hey 50 cent army get out of the comment sections, communism is a temporary setback ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM

  8. Timic83tc

    begone chinese spies, chairman cheng will fail, china will fall

  9. credenza1

    And the Chinese consulate in Perth demands that Falun Gung not participate in the annual Christmas Pageant – and succeeds.

  10. Grandma

    Screw the CCP

  11. Maria Garcia

    I can't understand why there are people living in free worlds supporting and exalting ChiNazi!!!

  12. Steve Veness

    Yeeep organ holidays actually exist.
    #Boltreport of that I AM Certain. Just like Agenda 21 through 30.
    Wake up Australia on all counts. WE the People ARE being lied to by Pseudo Goverment.

  13. keith tiong

    Australia economy is burnt and yet you are concerned about this. Maybe you should be smarter and contribute to your country instead of being a ratbag dimwit.

  14. Zhuang Wen Sun

    The convicts and criminals send by queen Elizabitch to robbed the land of native Australia making noise.

  15. HowDareYou

    We don’t like China interference in our medical system so who are we to criticise theirs?

  16. Richard J

    This is bullshit. Who are those surgeons? U only need to wait few weeks to get an organ in China??? WTF? Getting an organ in China is much more difficult than in Australia.

  17. Gregory de Sleskine

    I don't put anything past a nation that eats dogs, makes wine from tiger body parts and believes that rhino horns will make their tiny willies grow bigger. Despicable, cruel and sick bunch of androids.

  18. David Hughes

    Falum Gong are kept in “camps” close to the hospitals😱

  19. Pan- Shot

    The US can point fingers? we should clean up our own mess.

  20. kmeccat

    There isn't an awful lot to like about China.

  21. les harris

    Israel has banned citizens traveling to China for organ transplant.The only country who has instigated this law after investigation. The victims are paralyzed when having their organs removed, no anesthetic. Its horrific and barbaric. and must be stopped! Hong Kongers must not be transported to mainland China CCP prisons for good reasons, they know.

  22. Matthew Stewart

    Who is supplying the anti rejection drugs?

  23. Warwick Stewart

    Where is the Australian puppet regime protesting this disgraceful behaviour and how the puppet Australian government is selling our land to them wake up Australia!

  24. S Payne

    Cheat lie steal kill ur own people. Poison America. Well

  25. S Payne

    Hard to crack a case when u call and just order an organ

  26. S Payne

    Its communist run. Duh. There distroying the west and white people and our children but hey

  27. S Payne

    Isreal is organ harvesting

  28. wriker36

    China has “Drive Through” organ outlets. “You can get fries with that”

  29. Desmond Damsko

    You all are takin about this
    Cause they want you to
    Think about that 👨🏽‍🎓

  30. Ginger T

    Thank you for exposing this evil practice.

  31. Tachyon Drive-by Shooting

    There should be a Blockchain registry for Organ Donations.

  32. Neil Revhead

    Communist China Very much like Stalin Russia era. Poor workers are expendable and prisoners are worse off

  33. Edward C Tullis

    Nothing new here
    Made in China

  34. nekeke

    Send AOC and Bernie one way ticket to China to "enjoy" socialism.

  35. Elaine Stewart

    When all the movers and shakers in China get put in jail for war crimes, instead of don't drop the soap! It will be keep your organs safe, especially your liver and your eyeballs!

  36. joel ferguson

    China lies? They just like Israel. Hold it everybody lies don’t they? No, no not everybody. Just those who do not understand honor, not that I have always done the honorable thing. But as I grow older, I realize just how true the word is. And you look at the people’s lives who sold out for 30 pieces of silver, ha ha. I’m not jealous at all. On every subject we all should drill deeper, don’t be satisfied with the matrix they give us to live in. Nor believe that just because someone claims he’s an expert, should you automatically believe him. I don’t know how much sense I’m making here. It seems like almost everybody doesn’t have a clue.

  37. cookupastorm

    The West needs to drop China like a ton of bricks! It's aiding and abetting!

  38. Jason Tempel

    Thanks GOOGLE Pedogate to SPYGATE = I B M

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  40. hollyh1969

    Yay! Let's let theses people dump in to the country and buy! They will bring their beliefs and behaviors to your home. Hummm?

  41. robert retka

    This will be the future with Global government elitism. The serfs will be cataloged as future organ cattle supplies.

  42. black capped Chickadee

    CRANK Not just China,

  43. Hans Crotchfelt

    "Overwhelming Evidence" of:
    -Iraq nuclear, biological, chemical warfare programs.
    -Kuwait incubator babies.
    -Assad chemical weapons attacks against Syrians.
    You are FOOLS!

  44. jenniferchica

    In many African countries since the Chinese have started visiting over the years, there has been an increase of missing persons and people ending up being found in streets badly mutilated and many people and police can't put a finger on who's doing this. Some people believ it's rituals but after seeing this and an increase in this trend after the Chinese invasion, I beg to differ.

  45. David Heath

    Please say we can mirror this.

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