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  1. tara thelen

    i dont know why but Sophie Viskich reminds me of katie hall

  2. Kenny K

    How much I wish Kris is 20 years younger than singing Marius of Les Miz…..

    but again….his voice wouldn't be the same if he is 30's

  3. Irene Lo

    Come to find out more about Kris Phillips in FB

  4. Vanessa T

    Kris Phillips with Sarah Brightman please!

  5. Daniel

    I would love to see him on broadway…his phantom mask would be sick! Look at them eyes!

  6. Sanne G

    Argh… Worst Christine!!

  7. kevin28115

    "sing" "sing for me"… that voice can seduce a rock!

  8. P. R. Lin

    我好喜歡Kris 的那句the phantom of the opera inside my mind!!!

  9. Michael Ramelb

    at the beginning 😐
    at the end @_@

  10. Ceronia Willow

    Her voice doesn't really suit this song but her vocal range at the end was amazing :O

  11. KitKatPerryfan

    agreed… not good…

  12. 千春吉田

    oh my god!Sophie Viskich has such an amazing voice!

  13. aivlysywf

    I love u Kris!!

  14. sanneP13

    I really like the combination of the asian/american look, it gives kriss a very unique face 🙂

  15. MrShenhai

    Awesome! Kris is a great singer!

  16. Александр

    awesome awesome awesome!! Everybody must listen this song! and our world will be kinder

  17. krisvalhalla

    @askfskpsk agree with you. he is a well-educated native chinese speaker.he speaks chinese better than most of the chinese in all interviews.

  18. X Nick Cui

    Kris speaks perfect Chinese, he is a native Chinese speaker. I think his madrin is better than many Chinese people, not to say those chinese-americans.

  19. krisvalhalla

    @straightarrow372 because he doesn't want to be exposed in US. he is too famous to have normal life in Asia(as a pop star who has millions of fans he has to wear sunglasses and hat all the time) so he needs some private space and normal life in US.

  20. LeckMichImArsch

    @HazyDreams91 he's half Asian. 🙂

  21. westzhao

    a good version

  22. stewiek

    goosebumps.. :s

  23. HazyDreams91

    Is that dood asian? O.O oh yea..he is lol

  24. westzhao

    good look

  25. V4win

    Kris is the best!

  26. straightarrow372

    Kris Philips is very underexposed here in the US.

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