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  1. NeoGeoSNK

    Fuck the US gov ! As well

  2. April Blomeier

    I guess the Russian government, who attempted to ban South Park in 2008, Muslims, Christians, Tom Cruis, Turdsanwiches and Douche are celebrating now. Yeah, haven't heard about Douche tweeted anything yet. guess he is happy.

  3. beatDPJ

    "Banned in China" is becoming the MEDAL of honor.

  4. Aj Wo

    Low key racist whites. Sickening mindset.

  5. Isaac Z


  6. windseekervideo


  7. SeinttAlive

    fuck the chinese governament doe

  8. Rahul Sharma

    well done

  9. Ken

    "Fuck the Chinese government!"

  10. Swagmite gaming

    Free Hong Kong

  11. Jey Bird

    Never heard of you before tiffany, great delivery, voice and vibe you have!

  12. DBlockInc

    South park is woke yall

  13. Name Torres


  14. charlie miller

    FUCK CHINA ALSO!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

  15. general shepherd

    How many adults who express their hatred for moms who don't vaccinate pursuant to the schedule have gotten updated / booster vaccines?

    Post those receipts of shots,

    or are you some sort of anti-vaxxer?

  16. Creamapod Games

    40 mindless Chinese wumaos watched this video

  17. Vault Ceeper

    I’m on Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s side Fuck The Chinese Government

  18. Miguelizk00l


  19. Zes

    sb婊子 disliked

  20. okc405sfinest

    Funny no clips of that on youtube wonder why?

  21. DuhSmoothKing

    Pucker up Tiffany, just because Trey and Matt made fun of you once doesn't mean you have to hate them forever

  22. American Patriot

    I'll wait for this heat to cool down first before ordering or eating Chinese just to be safe.

  23. Nick Conville

    Good on them!!

  24. Veni Jesus amore mi

    Long live south park

  25. scott maroney

    yeah so…I wonder if Matt and Trey have computer problems now

  26. Mister Man

    Fuck Hollywood too.

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