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  1. Refinery29

    Have you ever tried any remedies to better your gut health? Share your experiences with us here!

  2. Healthy and Happy!

    Excellent! Keep up the great work!

  3. H E

    I love Lucie!!! I had my gallbladder out. Didn't seem to affect what I could eat. Guess I was lucky?

  4. Naima Irfan

    Any tips for stopping excess gas release. It's troublesome.

  5. Maritere Guerrero

    you shouldve removed your rings…

  6. hailey eve

    when is lucy coming back its been 2 months of no lucy videos

  7. Edda Almas

    such useful tips and such a nice video, thank you so much! since I've been taking antibiotics, I'm gonna try to restore my gut flora:)

  8. 90MysteriumFascinans

    *STRAIN of bacteria.

  9. Alexis Boyd

    Did she get married


    The scoby stuff is DISGUSTING!🦠🤢🤮🤮

  11. Skylar grace

    1:50 Did anyone else think of the show Jessie Just me Okay.

  12. Skylar grace

    Hey Lucie…

  13. M. June

    I thought it said "gun" health.. I was very intrigued

  14. Wat Zijn Woorden

    Pro tip for starters with kombucha:
    – don’t use metal.
    – only use glass jars, the bacteria react to plastic. Your tea is affected by that.
    – let the tea completely cool down, the scoby can’t stand to much heat.
    – you can add other flavours to your kombucha. Like ginger, cinnamon or just honey.
    – want kombucha soda? Set aside some tea in a different bottle, put on a cap for two days. Don’t leave the bottle closed for too long because of the carbon dioxide.


  15. Ellebelle dunnet

    I absolutely love this episode ! It was so fascinating and informative. I'd live you to show us from start to finish how you make kombucha

  16. Medha D T

    Take care ! Try 5 days of following Jainism custom ( Jainism is a caste in India) few custom are not eating any vegetables or fruit that is a root (also pure vegetarian), eating before sunset and after sunrise ! Hope to see a video soon on this ! All the best 🙂

  17. Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon

    Thanks! Great post!

  18. JulietteIuly06 Akka

    How are you so good at cooking??? I can't even make myself tea without spilling it on the counter…

  19. Teewriter


  20. Phoenix Rose

    5 days of full face bold make-up

  21. Mindy Rabbit

    5 days of riki

  22. Mindy Rabbit

    5 days of sleeping in a bright room

  23. Mindy Rabbit

    5 days of wearing super bold makeup

  24. Mindy Rabbit

    how did you get your job at Refinery29

  25. Miriam A

    5 days of fasting
    5 days of raw foods
    5 days of being vegan

  26. Unicorn_Life 2.0

    Five days of painting in a different style

  27. Sarah Owen

    give us some tips on your best habits

  28. Sarah Owen

    do five days of photography guide

  29. Sarah Owen

    do five days of videography

  30. Leucothea

    Lucy you've inspired me to grown my own scoby from scratch and start brewing my own kombucha. My scoby (which I named baby new year) is two weeks old 🙂
    Can't wait to brew my first batch of yummy kombucha soon!

  31. TheDeenaG

    Just FYI, you probably don't have completly clean (bad bacteria-free) hands when you're wearing so many rings. That's why healthcare professionals actually aren't allowed to wear rings in hospitals etc.

  32. Gypsea8

    5 days of New York cafes
    5 days of New York libraries
    5 days of volunteering
    5 days of different workouts
    5 days of different winter activities
    5 days of different NY neighborhoods

  33. Anura Shrestha

    We NEED a season 4!!!!

  34. ريم القايدي

    Where is Lucie .. I’m missing her 😩💔

  35. Camille Wood

    five days of only wearing neutrals! (i.e greys blacks browns and whites!) this could be a good one since you have such a statement making style!

  36. Lisa Brigitte Schipperijn

    5 days of aerial, aerial hoop, aerial hammock, aerial yoga name it 🙂

  37. Vini

    hey there, can you do 5 days of morning pages??

  38. Angie Garcia-Paz

    Where is your jewelery from? They're all beautiful pieces

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