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  1. Elise T

    Love your hair! You look so cute 💕 and great ideas!!

  2. Pandastuffs

    Thank you! Love these recipes!

  3. Hannah Donnelly

    Your hair! I love it!

  4. Justine_CG

    Would Love love love more videos like this!

  5. Jessica Prendergast

    This is so great and useful! Please do more of these!

  6. heartnlovely

    I find the penne chickpea pasta to be best becuase it cooks evenly. Rotini or shells never turn out great

  7. natalie pfund

    Love these ideas! It's always refreshing to see what are other people's staples. 🙂 I'm working on mixng up my weekly go tos. Thanks! PS, I'd be super honored if you could pop over and check out my latest meditation. 🙂

  8. Kaitlyn Towler

    Loved this! Thanks for some great ideas

  9. Jessie

    I love these types of videos!

  10. evelyn gonzalez

    Lol you got the mom cut!! I did the same thing

  11. Kimberly M

    I’d love to see more of these!

  12. Liz with 3 Kids

    Does anyone else love when Becca says “chann-el” ❤️

  13. Michele Borucki

    We have the sweet potato and ground turkey skillet all the time!! It's so freaking good you def don't expect the level of deliciousness. Great meal ideas!

  14. jade dickson

    Love this!! Another vid suggestion is maybe quick lunch ideas for people who work outside the home ?!

  15. Kelly Tann

    More videos like this please!!

  16. Temmie Scott

    Everything looks delicious!!

  17. Krista Erin

    loved this, thanks so much! And who are the 5 people downvoting it? I hate the internet.

  18. Alexis Blaich

    PLEASE do more of these!! I loved this video ❤️

  19. Tiffany Farrell

    Love these! Hope you do more!♥️

  20. Natalie Polito

    Love this video!! Really appreciate dinner ideas from wegmans, but also just having healthy options during the week

  21. Tracy E

    Yes!! MORE

  22. Katelyn Beadle

    Absolutely love this 🙂

  23. Sara Batchelder

    You eat so much cheese in your diet! Do you feel like it’s okay to have cheese with your meals? I feel like there is such a stigma with staying away from dairy- is there a way to choose the “best” quality cheese to eat?

  24. Ali Perdomo

    Really liked this video!!! Definitely gave me a few new ideas 😁

  25. Filipa Rocha

    Loved this video! ❤️ All the meals look so yummy and easy to make! Thank you for sharing them with us, definitely going to give them a try!
    Baby Hayden is just the cutest, you guys are lovely!
    Thank you so much, lots of love ❤️

  26. Laura C.

    Loved the meal ideas, and this video it will definitely help with my meal planning for next week!

  27. Doris Chavez

    I love chicken and veggies with balsamic vinegar. I marinate my chicken breast along with peppers zuchinni and red onion the same way you do and put it on the grill 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 over jasmine rice. It’s my favorite. I’m going to try and make my own hummus for added protein and something creamy. Love this video!

  28. Patritsia Kostoglou Kritikou


  29. Tilana Mc Leod

    Hi Becca 👋 Thanks for the recipes 😋 I know this is ramdom, but I would love to know what your take is on… Intermittent Fasting…

  30. Water Melon

    I LOVE this video! So simple to follow! And still full of flavors and also nutritious! Plz do more of this in series!

  31. L B

    Cant wait to try all of these meals! They all look so delicious! Thank you so much for the healthy ideas!

  32. maritza castello

    My mom would love the balsamic!

  33. Vildana Briga

    Love your new haircut!

  34. Ana G

    Wow the hair caught me off guard!!! Love this video please do more of these❤️

  35. Jade & Family

    So yummy mama! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  36. garnet6106

    Why waste money on all the organic products? Please be aware your viewers aren’t as well off and conventional is just as healthy b

  37. Cicily Ly

    Yummy! I loved every dish you made very easy to follow and whip up together! Very balanced too please make more recipe videos!

  38. Erica Lee

    Loved this!! I’ve been needing some easy healthy dinner ideas. Baby girl is keeping me busy 🤪 LOVE your hair too!

  39. Kristynn Thorne

    I loved this!! So helpful

  40. Elenaki

    I love your new "mom" hair!

  41. SE throughoureyes

    Yes!! Please do more recipe videos! I am always looking for new recipes to make for my family.

  42. Lauren Porter

    Loved this!!!!!

  43. Jojo S

    Great video!!!! ❤️

  44. Lois Thompson

    Darling baby! She looks just like you. More baby and recipes, please.

  45. jess b

    More please

  46. Heather Shobe

    Thank you Becca, this was so good! I’m excited to give these a go😋🍴
    I loved Hayden’s little photo bomb😆🥰
    Stay you 😘

  47. Charlie Paisano

    Love your hair ❤️ love watching theses videos hi baby 😘

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