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  1. Roxy Summer

    You should try find a plastic free grocery to get ur products from “the source bulk foods” is a good one

  2. larissa muscat

    That last one. Yummy 💗

  3. Xendre Raine

    Hellooooo 💯✨❣️🌸

  4. Monica May Everyday


  5. Lauren Brown

    Ungyun! Classic sezzy 💛

  6. Margaux Leprévost

    yes for the paleo bread recipe !

  7. Margaux Leprévost

    As a naturopath i would recommend sarah's recipes only once in a while, they are so complicated to digest ! To many ingredients, i think will probably tire most people out by a long complicated digestion.

  8. Isabelle Carr

    Yes pleeeeease make a paleo bread recipe video !! 😱😱😱

  9. Jaymee Armenti

    Did you get a new camera? The quality is amazing!! I love that all your utensils are pink 💕. Can't wait to try some new recipes!! 🤤🤤

  10. PricelesPerfection

    Yes paleo based recipe please:)

  11. Riitu Romo

    I`m sooooo ready to try these!

  12. Vanessa Mammoliti

    What buckwheat wraps do you use? ✨

  13. Lydi Michelle

    Can you do a what’s on your phone video? Would love to see what apps you have/use

  14. Tanya Beukes

    Paleo bread please👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏼🥰

  15. Hannah McDowell

    omg yaaas paleo bread recipe please!!!!

  16. foodlovers

    love your recipes<3

  17. Lindz Wavy


  18. Madalena Martins

    paleo based recipe please!!!

  19. Aubree Paige

    Would this work with soy milk? I’m not a fan of coconut milk

  20. Alina Constantinov

    please make a paleo bread recipe 😍😍😍


    Sarah… this was SOMETHING!!!! omg! love you! thank you!

  22. Elle sweeney

    I had chicken pulled out to make satay chicken. Just sent my partner to the shops to buy eggs, were now having bruschetta for dinner…hahaha

  23. A BBEY

    Such a great and helpful video!

  24. Bokani Mbulai

    Dinner recipes please!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Judea Arthur

    Can’t wait to try some of these! Paleo bread pleeeease xx

  26. charli anneliese.

    lunch box recipes please!!! Loving the brekkie food prep xx

  27. Jasmine Manning

    This made my day 😍💓

  28. Kat Tynan

    Yesss !!! Paleo bread recipe !!!!

  29. Lizzy A Hill

    Yum those bean tacos 🌮 salivating

  30. Ashleigh Mitchell

    I really like this you should do more videos like this

  31. Zoe and More

    Yess can you make paleo bread!!

  32. Rommy Gore

    Omg I’ve been waiting for this for years 😆!!!

  33. Olivia Kelly

    Loved all the recipes! Where do you get all your plates? They are so nice!

  34. Centaine Scolari

    Amazing! Loved this! ❤️

  35. monaco interiorista

    Please do a recipe of a paleo bread!!! I'm recently discover that i'm a gluten free girl. But the bread i can buy are not good!!!! Please do itt do itttt!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Thanks for all your videos 🤩

  36. Nya Alysse

    Can you do Healthy Fall Deserts!!?

  37. Hannah Tinning

    Moving to Italy made me realize the proper pronunciation 😂


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