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    1:40 thats terrifying! IMAGINE WHATS IN THE WATER!

  2. Hana Khaled

    Me: NASA found a new planet! What do you think they'll name it?
    NASA: Oh we know! Writes code on the back of the router There we go!

  3. Luca Davis

    I swear i saw that half hot and half cold planet on Ben 10 😂

  4. CoverPulse


  5. Strokx

    there wouldn't be 2 shadows since the suns would cancel each of them out. It would actually have smaller shadows, in certain situations

  6. Bimmer Won

    Light one match on Titan and you burn the whole moon down.

  7. Blavood

    Oh ya if Ice is so cool why isn't there an Ice 2? Shit, there's an Ice 7?!

  8. WillJ R

    It been a while since I have taken chemistry. But if I reminder correctly isn’t methane an organic compound containing carbon. So what the hell died on titan

  9. Nic Catanach

    K,Chechen,can,chum chum p8 perfect planet name

  10. KozyKraft

    Me: Reads the title
    Also me: Wtf?

  11. Sabri Gazvoda

    Are they planet names or links?

  12. Httyd Forever

    Does anybody think that the person who named those planets smashed their head on the keyboard or random numbers and letters typed?

  13. Anwar Gergis

    I Granny and mom were supposed to get the boys and they said that they are very stupid and then she told me that I didn’t want to play Roblox

  14. John Poz

    Scientists:these planets are impossible

    Reality: let's see about that

  15. Queen Scarlet The Animus

    NASA: Who wants to name a new planet

    Kid: me

    NASA: Ok

    Kid: Smashes his head and his friends heads into 10 keyboard

  16. Marco Buijsen

    On 2:17 sec you see the samsung Galaxy s5. Yes GALAXY

  17. Zak Sharaz

    Me when I find out a planet rains rocks

    It's Altea

  18. Thegameingheart

    thats rubbish most times in the sun I have three shadows.

  19. Amelia Z

    6:55 you could fly


  20. Sxnel UK

    100% mars used to be our old planet I bet you watch history videos on it tf

  21. jason rodriguez

    So what would happen if you light a match on Titan?

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