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  1. André St-Laurent

    sign #2 are my parents, definitely. sign #4 are every girl on instagram.

  2. Starship to night

    Feeling guilty for watching this. I appreciate everything my foster parents are doing but they are just so hurtful and abusive.
    Soooo how do i tell them that i would like to see a therapist because of my struggles???? Everything is so messed up.

  3. Sop Lim

    This sounds like my someone I work with.
    I’m dealing with it by secretly recording her and gathering evidence so I can sue her very soon.
    Hopefully this teaches her a lesson

  4. Kendle Alexine

    can I add pays me after he yells in my face and lashes out along to the list? money and sorry mean nothing to me anymore

  5. Techis God

    When I see or hear a man who abuses a woman I call the cops and get them involved. If I see a man hitting a woman in the streets, I WILL POUND HIS FACE IN!!!!!!!! My mother was beaten by my father too many times.

  6. Blanshec

    I spent seven years in this state. I think im broken beyond repair.

  7. Christopher Green

    This sounds like my family history to a "T"!

  8. Frmhevn *

    Thank you for sharing. 💖🙏🕊

  9. zoe grey

    love your shirt Kati!! <3

  10. Robert Wiegman

    Very important question I got for ya…mustn't we always be careful to keep a distinction between "emotional abuse" v. People simply losing their temper, even if it happens repeatedly? I'm afraid the phrase "abuse" can be abused too and become slanderous.

  11. Vinos Bibendum

    Shes the best.

  12. Gisi

    I lived in an emotional and fiscal abusive family. If you bring any idea or are too cheerful you are wrong. I have the nickname of The Exaggerate or The Clown.
    In my almost 20 years of relationship with my now husband, I realise that we were emotional abusing each other. We love each other so much. I know we are always in disposition to improve.

  13. MettaFTW

    is being forced into situations with a toxic person a form of emotional abuse? like, when A is perfectly well aware that B is upsetting you, but refuses to acknowledge it or let you speak about it? i feel like doing that for 15 years is probably SOME form of abuse. i guess i lean towards emotional because it made me unwilling or unable to talk about anything that wasnt public knowledge.

  14. I literally can’t deal

    Should I send this to my mom?

  15. Aivita G

    Does anyone know any books on this topic taht could help me heal?

  16. Citarani Auliawati

    I almost have all those treatments. I grew up with those things. I can't speak up to my mom because she had diabetes type 2 which is makes me feel bad to do it. And I didn't feel any support from other members of my family. After my dad passed away 8 years ago it become worse. Am I on dangerous condition? Btw I'm 22

  17. Daniel Kruger

    When I got older I remember saying I could hand you a winning lottery ticket and you would bitch that I handed it to you wrong. But then realize the only thing I wanted in life I could never have not because I didn't deserve it but for that person to give it ment I wasn't the yo yo on a string. Just wanted to be accepted appreciated or have unconditional love. But it always had to be earned day after day. And every night you went to bed either thinking I'm not good enough or will tomorrow be the day. But as a kid you got to the point of fearing it continuing because you never got it for something the day before and always had nightmares but that's a whole different animal and this isn't therapy unless of course you send me a bill or I like the couch in your office and become a regular but it was always a place I could talk.

  18. Daniel Kruger

    Two back surgeries and cut short of a career really hit hard but the seed was the narcissistic upbringing that would get so bad at times you broke down and eventually you learned to be better at it because you were tired of always being wrong it made your soul hard to where you could not be hurt on the outside but you're always being destroyed on the inside

  19. yellow mellow

    it’s so hard. because he’s my *dad*. i have to love him. and sometimes he’s nice. sometimes he not. sometimes he’s loving. sometimes he’s scary. sometimes he’s caring. sometimes he’s abusive.
    it’s so hard. and i don’t know what’s normal anymore

  20. yellow mellow

    it’s so hard. because it’s my dad! i love him! i have to! but like if he wasn’t my dad i would despise him. seriously i had a friend over and you could hear him screaming at my mom. i quietly murmured “sorry i don’t really like him”
    it’s hard to say the truth. i don’t like my dad. he screams at me, hits me, scares me. but i can’t say that. it has to be normal. that’s the only way

  21. selenav1986

    Emotional and verbal abuse is so bad. My sister is both. for a long period in my life my sister was my biggest fear. sometimes i WISHED she would hit me so i can tell my mom “hey, this is serious. it’s no longer just her personality. she’s hurting me” because that’s what i was told that it was “just her personality.” my fear of her still lingers to this day although i’ve gotten better at standing up for myself. she’s most of the reason for me being suicidal and me self harming in the past. unfortunately, she continues to be some of the reason for me relapsing after two years clean. luckily i haven’t gone too far but i’m trying my best. i wish i grew up with a better sister.

  22. shan

    im a seventeen year old teen with depression and social anxiety. for years i have been a victim of my mother's abuse. it's such a frustrating situation to be in and i tend to feel alone or isolated. i've spoken to therapist's and family who my mother somehow manipulated into thinking that i was the problem. there have been times where i would be so overwhelmed and sick of the constant manipulation that i would speak up. i would say things to her like "i am taking responsibility for things i have said or done that were out of line, but i am not the only one to blame. you need to acknowledge that sometimes you are in the wrong and your words and actions really do hurt me. just because they don't seem hurtful to you doesn't mean they aren't to me." but everytime i try to explain to her or try to get her to meet me halfway she says things like "you're wrong. i am a victim of you." or "you are a bully." she also doesn't let me speak or cuts me off the second i start making sense or proving her wrong. she doesn't like that i can be mature about situations and will make fun of me for it. in the summer she started locking her bedroom door as well as putting another lock on the inside. she would leave me when i was upset or crying and lock herself in her bedroom saying i was threatening her. she still does it to this day. when she gets aggressive or physically abusive she will take my phone and wifi away for days or weeks, completely isolating me. she tells my neighbours and nearby family members to not let me use their phone to contact anybody. she has left bruises and marks on my body multiple times, as well as prompted me into suicide when i would bring up the fact that i had thoughts when i was really low. she said things like "run and jump" or "yeah yeah go off and do it then". sometimes she would stop the car in the middle of nowhere and tell me to get out or pull me out if i asked why, telling me to walk home. she has locked me out of the house at night and ive had to sleep in the car. i remember doing that last winter specifically. i was so cold because i had no shoes or jacket. during one of my biggest mental breakdowns i was in absolute hysterics crying on the living room floor at about midnight. i had been having on and off panic attacks and i started throwing up a small amount of white foam because according to my therapist at the time, my body thought i was having a heart attack. so my mother decided to help me through this by turning off the electricity in the house by the main power switch out back and driving away, leaving me in the dark. im no longer in therapy and my family no longer listens to me when i speak about my mother because they never know who to believe. at this point im feeling stuck and i dont know where to go or who to tell or talk to. i have been involved with police, social workers, therapists and family and no change has been made to my situation. im still feeling unsafe at home and more isolated than ever.

  23. Blah Anger

    I have no idea what "normal"is this is sad I know what it should be.

  24. Arthur Gregory

    Especially when they gp back and forth. I love you and miss you! Then I need space etc etc

  25. Mama Bear

    Does degrading only a problem when in public?

  26. _Orso_

    The affect this had on me was just isolating myself for like 10 hours straight
    Sadly, this is because of my parents, also i cried for 10 hours straight and now everything hurts 😐 all because i can't tell if it was emotional abuse,
    R.i.p emotions ._.

  27. Artistli

    My parents in a nutshell.

  28. Judah Iam

    "Don't talk back." "You're lipping off." "Don't you dare say no to me." Translated: How dare you have an opinion, feeling, or an identity that challenges me. Stop being.

  29. Nathan Householder

    I'm not sure I agree with your remarks about being Clean Shaven. I think a more accurate remark should be well-groomed.

  30. Aerin Volk

    You did a good job, Kati. Thank you.

  31. neha kumari

    Yes right someone is dominating and controling my life by abusing and that is also without reason .what legal action can I take to put him behind prison

  32. Dragon Spear

    Does anybody have any advice for this? I am a male 15 year old freshmen in High school and i am not even allowed to have my iPhone in my room when i sleep not to mention my freaking bed time that i have had since 6th grade so i go to bed at 9:30pm when all my friends are responsible and turn there electronics off on there own and can stay up as late as they want just as long as they get a reasonable amount of sleep. But i am that one kid who try's there best in school with all the shit they have going on in their lives and my parents monitor my iPhone and have parental controls on it with screen time that shuts down when it is time for bed. I am a good graded student in school and my grades range from B to A+. I have been pleading my parents for years to let me a be a responsible teenager but every time they get all in my face and say "wE aRE dOiNg wHaTs bEsT fOr yOU" wich makes me so pissed off because they never under stood how i felt until this got so bad we had to go to family therapy about it because i got depressed because they never gave me any privileges. so fucked up! i love my parents and everything but this is getting to annoying and too serous. I listen to all their silly rules and i get no responsibility and privileges out of it!!

  33. paper dreamer

    I'm so confused so I need to know am I being emotionally abused? My dad says hurtful things like girls are their dads property and he yells and sometimes curses when he can't get his way or tells us that God is going to hurt or destroy us when I told him about it he just acted like I was the one who was wrong. I don't care who answers this just please clear this question up for me I'm 18 and I've been struggling with this for a while I've been told that I'm just rebellious is that true I just don't know.

  34. Viv Bianca

    Hi Katy – Can you do a vid on Coercive Control please?

  35. SuperMerchus

    Jeez you dragged that out a bit. Lasted a minute

  36. Response& Ability

    The victim card for I wanna blame everyone else for my issues.
    I've been through each of these things, and I had to get stronger and realise that I needed to be stronger, so stop blaming them. It's my fault I waited so long, and it's my fault I didnt leave, and it's my fault I choose to stay inside.

  37. dakine

    I noticed when I get hurt I shut down so I am not able to talk to the person that I feel hurt by. I do not mean to give the silent treatment but I just don´t know how to express how I feel and feel so upset that I also do not want to talk to them. Has anyone experienced this and resolved it?

  38. Sub Mazin

    1. Yeah that is happening
    2. Absolutely
    3.she never apologizes
    4. If she’s not yelling at me then yeah
    5.she does force her self on me sometimes


  39. do not disturb

    degraded.you .putting you down in front of others… neglect your emotions… dominating your life…. accusing… never apologize… make you apologize when you have done nothing wrong …silent treatment…. O my God..
    Why me ….why?


  40. Erol Sanderson

    Really helpful, thanks. My mother said pretty much all those things at some point during my childhood.

  41. Euequesoueu

    I don't know but I find that a lot of what is considered emotional abuse is actually verbal abuse (insulting). My experience of emotional abuse is a lot different. It was associated with the tactics of a sexual predator, who once he has created a relationship of trust and dependance, will lock you into the relationship emotionally. This he did by use of NO offensive words, insults or degradation; if anything, it was the opposite. His emotional abuse consisted of forcing me to talk with him about our relationship, when I confronted him with disapproval. He would go on and on about how much he cared for me and loved me. He had several other tactics, like the silent treatment, blaming me for abusing him, always gearing the conversation according to his way of thinking, or playing the victim of a lifetime of misery and abuse so I would feel sorry for him. All of this kept me in an emotional turmoil, and guess who was there to help me? Him!

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