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  1. Alex Costa

    Don't forget to enter the giveaway by following me at instagram.com/alexcosta and tag two friends on any of my latest posts!

    Thanks for watching & let's kill it this week! 😎


  2. Nick Tacardon

    2020's gonna be a good year, can't wait to see whut it has to offer! 🤙🏻

  3. Enzo413

    my girlfriend and i just broke up yesterday, we go to the same school and share a lot of classes. anyone have any advice?


    Man, props! I use your videos as a tool to learn english!

  5. LGM

    If ur in a rush
    1. Sleep routine
    2. Use technology
    3. Eat healthy
    4. Exercise regularly
    5. Be grateful

  6. Rajendra Khanvilkar

    Love u

  7. Mohammed Shoaib

    Alex please upload video of how to lose weight or body fat

  8. Bram Van Laere

    Alex Costa is honestly such an inspiration, I’ve gotten so many good tips of him and really started working on myself and set a target to become a better and more confident person. I also just started a youtube channel if you wanna follow my progress, My first couple of video’s are on there and I would love some support/feedback.

  9. 999TheRock

    Great video!👍

  10. Saruman is my mom

    I work 3-shift. So no I can't go to bed the same time everyday, or wake up the same time everyday.

  11. sean kim

    I got caught watching ur video by my teacher but then she saw u and she's like oh carry on👌

  12. Alish Vasani

    Man you gotta change the workout footage. Its been the same since couple of years now.

  13. thegamerghost

    i wanna be successful

  14. Hussein Ayoub

    I stay atleast 2 hours of using my phone before sleeping

  15. Harkirat Singj

    Alex: Sleep is Key
    My Dumbass:Viewing the video at 3 AM at night🤦‍♂️

  16. rathin das

    Thank you ALEX COSTA for changing my lifestyle

    Lots of love from India❤️❤️

  17. luca exe

    Hey ,
    i am now watching your videos since 2 years and you helped me so much getting confidence and upgrade my style.
    Ty man

  18. Alex Rodriguez

    Loved the video. Everyday is a new opportunity to improve 💪🏽

  19. Chris Lewis

    Hey Alex.. I saw some of your old pics.. Did you had any face surgery?
    Truth would be apreciated.

  20. Auke Stuij

    I see a cross necklace are you a christian?

  21. Jesus Larios

    🤣the phone part has to be the hardest

  22. teamometeamo

    SHITBUY offers a generous 14 day return period. It's their way of conveying that we don't give a shit about customer's money.

  23. Dharma Rotary

    I am fit .
    I am fited to the skiny faty guys clan

  24. Jonas jwz

    He has a iphone 11 pro and use a samsung watch😂👌…

  25. DJ Drew

    Lose the facial hair and change your hairstyle you’ll look more masculine.

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