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  1. keff

    Some facts to help you to form your opinion:

    HK's economy is 4% the size of that of China

    Only 17% of China's exports go to the US

    China trades more with the rest of Asia than with the US.

    Vietnam controls 80% of the South China Sea islands. China controls only 10%

    Vietnam started militarising the islands before China

    Look at pre 1949 US maps of the area, they show the islands to belong to China, as per agreement between the allies against the Japanese in WW2. It was only after the Communist victory over the Nationalists, that the US decide to change their mind.

  2. Joji Antony

    hmm, it appears to me that Christy is lifting quotes straight out of Real Vision Finance videos

  3. Kirstin Strand

    Seems that the West is being squeezed on all fronts…interesting.

  4. peter wright

    corbyn betrayed the people they will not forget

  5. Frank

    united we stand!!!!! usa

  6. Carolina QUANONNE

    Dollar USA manufacturing act immigrant dump America pretends one anything wall street whore

  7. Philip Fong

    I don't do business but the economy news of this channel is very interesting to listen to.

  8. Kirsch kern

    Thank you Daniel Brito.
    Great showhost! 👍👍👍

  9. 九初

    Great job, hope you focus on China later.

  10. Hope Da Builder

    Just give them money…Basic Income NOW!!!


  11. Duhizy

    If I was China, I would only impose tariffs on industries that lean liberal and moderate, because the farmers blame China for tariffs more than they blame Trump, whereas they could influence the next election by imposing tariffs on those that would first blame Trump. It feels like they are banking on Trump losing the next election and are devaluing currency to counter his tariffs until he is out.

  12. Dallas Taylor

    As long as one side of the political equation is voluntarily disarming itself and showing weakness the other side will always dominate.

  13. La Bestia Politica

    ¡Viva México y Viva AMLO!

  14. Mike F

    This guy who call himself is stupid. He as been saying that Trump is going to give in to Chinese.

  15. Hendrawan Jaya

    Easy win right..?

  16. Timothy Michael

    The Chinese government should say they lifted their tariffs because they didn't want to harm consumers (particularly farmers) neither in the USA nor China furthermore explaining that they don't believe the US population should be burdened unfairly with additional taxes due to a belligerent president Trump who is not supported by the people.

  17. Yeoh Kok Leong

    This shows how sincere China is on the US trade war & the open up of its financial markets for foreign investors.

  18. Juju Anagora

    Prof. Wolf is such a lame critic; Of course, China is affected & is strugling to avoid economic implosion. Take for example the impact of Hong Kong's protest and their weakening sovereignity on the South China sea. Why is China chickening out? Because one wrong move and China might just eventually loose credibility as it has massively and outrightly been practicing blatant fraudulent trade. If the .US failed to sanction them, the whole South East Asian countries that have stakes over the so called nine dash line could have been have been oppressed severely. But no sir, because unlike Obama who never had the balls to stand up against China, the US taught that bully a very good lesson. Why would you think China never laid a hand over Hong Kong?

    Wolf needs to look outside of his own biased box otherwise think and consider permanent retirement

  19. Cosmo Ray

    So these HK protesters are killing their own economy.
    40% is only the beginning.
    Soon it will be 50% if this keeps up.

  20. kevin chen

    USA going down

  21. shinvergil777

    I stand with corbyn!

  22. robert alexander ho

    UK has to leave the EU!

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