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  1. RussiaSMG4 productions

    When I put this song into 1.25x, it so beautiful.

  2. Good

  3. Ляля Чёрная

    очень полезное видео, спасибо!

  4. Angel Tears

    Thank you so much. Your channel makes me smile! ❤️

  5. Haisha Wang

    it's funny that im chinese and i can't pronounce these anymore just by looking even tho I learned it at a young age.

  6. Banana Cream

    This song is needed to play on my funeral XD

  7. Oudom Chan

    hahahhaha, I love this

  8. NeetuVerma NeetuVerma

    Oooo looks like a ritual ^_^

  9. Joy Bokuto

    90% of the comments here paid attention to the animation rather than the point of this video which is the pinyin. This is such a great video for beginners like me!

  10. Glitched JC

    Does anyone else notice that from 4:05 to 4:20 the rabbit strips down?!

  11. Jorge Huang

    2019 someone

  12. Suzi Lay

    My Chinese teacher made us watch this today and she said it's not funny but in the inside I was laughing soo bad😆

  13. Liese Hofman

    Why do I have to watch this…

  14. kimira미룩님

    anyone know what the girl is saying at the beginning??????

  15. Brandyn Evans

    This has got to be the funniest thing I've heard in my life! I cant sit and listen long enough to stop laughing…

  16. Eron Tillapaugh

    HI mrs zhu

  17. FlashAnimates


  18. AimForParadise

    That was a long six minutes!! Lol. Still, so stoked to learn

  19. Notascam RD

    3:18 Fuck no

  20. Notascam RD

    This some weird hentai

  21. Emily XI

    The animation is b a d.

  22. Michael Sterling

    Lol i'm 36 watching this, but this makes it so much easier to learn

  23. TheChiyomaru

    Had 2 years of chinese classes and this is the first time I hear it. Honestly it would help me with pronunciation a lot if laoshi showed us this

  24. Christopher Norman

    I’ve learned Chinese and this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen 🙂 10-year old me would have been terrified

  25. Ri Nima

    The kid's voice is splitting my head!

  26. Jay Dee

    Should have watched this earlier to understand my students' murmur 😀

  27. Googly Farts

    why doesnt enrico litterini play this in class everyday! we need more culture in the Cybersecurity program! smh

  28. Shaddrow Productions

    Nightcore please

  29. Hello 88

    thank you for posting

  30. Greenante

    Anyone else noticed the music is a weird remix of the Doraemon theme?

  31. Hannah Rose Raine

    I enjoyed this too much.

  32. Ansova Chi

    That's song makes me laugh a lot xD

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