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  1. Toni Taylor

    I have ADHD, have had it my whole life but wasn't diagnosed until I was 34 years old. To put a name to the way my brain works has helped me tremendously because I began to educate the hell out of myself. Education and knowledge is power and it's allowed me to identify triggers as well as healthy, positive ways to deal with it. All that said, I've tinkered with meditation because I know how amazing it can be. However, with ADHD and running my own business (stress is a trigger), I have found it difficult to do. It's hard to shut my brain down to the point I have pretty bad insomnia too, so I find the practice of meditating is attractive to me. After watching this episode, I realize now that I need to focus on my breath and be in the moment when I attempt to meditate. I also need to incorporate meditation into every single day. I just don't take the time and I need to do it no matter what. Doing so will create the habit and teach my body and mind to calm and focus. Oh, I'm ordering the Reishi! I love warm teas/drinks and if this will help me sleep, I'm in! 🙂

  2. Tiffani Allen

    I need to start meditating. I’ve tried but I just can’t figure out how to shut off all the random thoughts that come into my head. Something I’d definitely love to work on.

  3. Ash Az

    Nothing has helped me with sleep as much as guided meditation here on YouTube. Also I live more in the present moment now and notice more and more how others don't. I feel like they are missing out on the gift of the present moment. I think most people tell themselves they aren't doing it right and give up. Start with guided meditations here on YouTube like Rasa, Michael Sealey,The honest guys… Just put the effort in its worth it.

  4. Hieuwey

    You added the Glow with Bruce Leroy, so I had to thumbs up this video.

  5. Tanya Miller

    The most interesting part of this episode for me was learning about brain waves during sleep!

  6. GigiSmallz

    I think it’s so crazy that meditation can affect telameres.

  7. Brian Glaser

    I love that you can meditate almost anywhere, and all the benefits are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Monica Douglas-Clark

    Great episode, Shawn. Meditation really is a gift that brings so many benefits to all areas of life. As you say, this has been proved by history and science. I hope that this inspires many people to try one of the variety of approaches to meditation that you talk about for improved health.

  9. Love Creates Joy

    I love the info about telomeres and the shoe string analogy. Thank you!

  10. Cathy Fornaris

    Thank you for the great info!

  11. Elenita Tango

    By the way, that last comment regarding this is America it was sarcastic. It means, we need to embrace all modalities of fortification of our main system. And get over there not made in America biases

  12. Elenita Tango

    Excellent question: how do we not know this regarding the effects of meditation on our immunologic status. Answer: this is America, we don’t do that we look for the pill

  13. Josh Mellman

    Wow, this episode was eye-opening. I learned that meditation can help improve the quality of my sleep. Can't wait to start meditating and sleeping better.

  14. Katie Solovij

    Love it! Going to have to apply the no excuses policy to am meditation. I always feel so much better when I do it any way. I had no idea the impact it has on telomeres! This is awsome! Also, working in the breast cancer world, its awsome news to know that meditation is clinically proven to help cancer patients and I will be relayng this to my patients for now on!! Thanks Shawn for
    always keeping me motivated to improve my life! And…. my sons (7 yo) fave hot chocolate is the four sigmatic mushroom hot cocoa mix, thank you for introducing it to us.

  15. Marcus Espe

    I've been meditating for 1.5 years now. In the beginning to reduce my anxiety, but now to release trauma via mindfulness meditation. Crazy how such a simple practice can change our genetic expression! Thanks Shawn!

  16. Steven Yaguchi

    Another epic podcast Shawn! Fascinated to hear that meditation has proven to increase your lifespan. What?? It can protect and extend the length of your telomeres?! Not that I needed another reason to meditate but this is awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  17. Amy F

    Such good information here (like always!). This was a great reminder to me that I need to put more effort into solidifying a meditation practice. For me, meditation helping to combat stress would be one of the biggest benefits of a meditation practice.
    Thanks for another great episode!!

  18. Corinne Rapson

    Mediation is part of my morning routine. But mind blown 🤯.. it can stop the breakdown of my telemeres! I took notes! These seven are powerful. 🙏 Thank you for sharing.

  19. Imani King

    My favorite part was, “not just some woo woo.” It is amazing has we forget that there is probably a reason meditation has persisted throughout history. We have a tendency to assume that newer concepts and technologies are best but now science is saying, “ nope, if you want a better life, than you have to sit still and listen for guidance.” In today’s world, that is actually really hard.

  20. Luann Kiernan

    Surprised that meditating in the morning would help to get better
    sleep at night. Love your show.

  21. Daniel Franco

    I started meditating after the episode with your mother in law. I did this so i could be a better father to my daughter because i always caught myself snapping at her. It's made so much more of an impact on my life than just this. I appreciate and am always grateful for these masterclasses. 🙏🙏🙏

  22. Marc-Edouard Kernisant

    Amazing information! When I finally listened to all your episodes, my wife asked me what I was gonna do. I simply started re-listening to my favorite ones, your podcast is life!

  23. Christine Cernera

    Did not know about meditation’s affect on telomeres. Fascinating!

  24. Christine Cernera

    Shawn Stevenson is awesome as always! He has convinced me to finally start meditating

  25. Kevin Turner

    @:55 big difference between fitness and health👀Gold! Looking forward to add more of meditation daily! Love this show…

  26. confidentnotperfect

    Hi Shawn!!!

    First, I loved reading your audiobook “Sleep Smarter” with a dear friend, and it changed our lives! My favorite tip that you shared in your book was the sleep cycles and the 90 minute intervals! I’ve implemented it for 4 months and it’s increased the quality of my energy and sleep tremendously.

    Also, my friend used the chamomile in the bath for her two daughters to help them stay asleep the entire night and it worked seamlessly, she uses it all the time now!

    So I’ve been on your email list for awhile now and didn’t know you had a YouTube show until you mentioned it this morning. I’m now subscribed!

    Second, it’s interesting that today’s topic is meditation, because the last audiobook I completed was “Miracle Morning: What The Wealthy Do Before 8am” (he mentions you in his book too, btw!) and he emphasizes meditation and I’ve been implementing it in my schedule in the morning for 10 minutes, but it’s challenging with the silence… so I’m excited to get better at it!

    Thank you for your work and wisdom!!! So delighted to learn more and be connected in a more visual way.

    Melodee Forbes

    The link ( http://FourSigmatic.com/Model ) doesn’t work for me it says that there’s an error?

  27. Erica Grivas

    Love it!

  28. Lee Austin

    Wow!!!! I have no idea that meditation can help produce melatonin!!! What the what…that's crazy!!! Awesome podcast Shawn! #YouRock

  29. Liz Wright

    Shawn! There were so many goosebump moments because of how POWERFUL this information was! What really blew my mind was how beneficial meditation is for your immune system. Even MORE than exercise! I definitely put exercise above meditating, like ANY day. Shawn, not anymore! I'm getting those 10 minutes in today! I'm going to up my sleep game, my healing game, my overall brain and LIFE game! Excited for that "glow". 💗

  30. Melissa Tshudy

    Meditation is more effective than exercise to prevent/lessen severity of flus and colds 🤯 thank you Shawn!

  31. Marcus Bates

    I love the concept of breathwork! Doing that for just a few minutes puts you in a space that can change your whole mood and outlook on the day. I’ve been mindfully using this for a few months and it’s life-changing!

  32. jeffwade50

    The best way to implement meditation, is to learn from a mentor/teacher – other methods haven't worked for me in the past. I am excited to try this

  33. Jenny Collins

    Love your show Shawn! Meditation has changed my life.

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