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  1. Percy Phelps

    "Would have" NOT "Would of"

  2. Percy Phelps

    "Would have" NOT "Would of"

  3. Bread Sandwich

    Dr Berg, do you have an opinion on carbalose or Carbquik, if it's keto legit? I'm getting conflicting info everywhere. I'd really like help with this as I just purchased a 5 pound bag😒

  4. Reality Happens

    My favorite YouTube doc very intelligent man

  5. joseph benjamin

    I had fatty liver and I watched all your videos about fatty liver and I fallow all what you said and now it’s totally reversed and I would like to thank you Dr and may the lord Jesus bless you 🙏🙏

  6. Ken Prevatt

    Okay here we go I started my Keto a few days ago . I quit smoking over a year ago and piled on 40 extra pounds my doctors just treated my symptoms like the DR said . With just a few days I can already tell a big difference I can’t wait to see what it’s like 30 days from now . Thank you DR.. ps my friend Daniel has t lost a kept off 100 lbs on this program .

  7. Double D

    Much LOVE for the keto fam and may your days b intermittently inspired!

  8. Marvin Scott Jr.

    I love this video. Dr. Berg. Enlightening. Funny. Educational. Thank you

  9. Anala Ujwal

    Sir I am from India .sir can you please explain about the use of milk ,butter milk ,butter and ghee in keto diet we consum a lot in our country

  10. Boon Doggle

    I’ve been experimenting with keto-friendly desserts and I’ve been having phenomenal results. Some of them taste even better than the standard version, without the spike in blood sugar and insulin. I’ve been doing in part to get prepared for the holidays so that I have options to turn to.

  11. Nature Good

    he looks ill

  12. Susan Sauls

    The holidays always KILL my keto and IF! Then in January I am miserable living with my post-holiday body. It takes months to recover. It is because of all the traveling, being away from home for so long, and eating what other people prepare, and being around family constantly for prolonged periods. Thankfully, this year, one of my sons is now doing keto and his doctor put him on it!!! I am hoping that makes things easier on me. It's for medical reasons for him, so I hope that will make others want to consider having foods available that suit his diet, which would definitely benefit me as well!

  13. Angel H

    No more church!!! Us baptist love to eat!!!!

  14. Kath Gates

    I read snacks 😲🤣

  15. daglas alorm

    it is true, people eat like animals then suddenly, OMG what's wrong with me ? and expect that your annual average physician check-up had you under control, nothing is further from the truth, PLEASE, wake up people !! and many of my friends think I'm crazy when I mention Dr berg or how to change their eating habits & lose weight….and the funny part, they get insulted when you instruct them about fasting or losing weight. Some are beginning to think I'm crazy.


    Isn't kale toxic?

  17. Bree View PLAYLISTS

    #7- Excellent Point!!!

  18. Sergio Flores

    Clicked for the snacked stayed for the hacks

  19. Hoss EL

    How is it a hack to say 'let gets back right on it'? If it was that simple people wouldn't go on food binges. I agree with all the others though.

  20. Kai Johnson

    I'm quite surprised to see there isn't a video on this yet: Why am I getting spots all of a sudden? Pimples, whiteheads and zits. Not acne.

    Context: I'm 22 and have had a sudden outbreak, I'm getting them quite commonly now. Is this a sugar problem? According to my fitness pal, I'm consuming less than my daily quota of sugar daily.

  21. fortweese2

    As I watched this video there was a “Papa John’s” ad – oh, the irony! I know ads make these vids possible and the creator has no control over which ones are used. It was just a reminder of how we are constantly bombarded with suggestions to do the wrong thing. I haven’t had a pizza in years— thanks in large part to Dr. Berg’s advice, but for just a moment I found myself drawn to the idea 😊 Ads work- that’s why they pay big bucks to insert them. I’m going to resist the temptation, but I couldn’t help noticing the irony for that ad in a video about healthy eating! Dr. B’s advice has been lifesaving for me and I owe him tremendously. So, I promise not to run out and get a pizza!! 😎

  22. Annette Fowler

    Thank you, Dr Berg.

  23. Alvin Morales

    Great video!

  24. Rick Farrell

    It’s one thing to break a fast with a keto snack, but don’t lose it and eat carbs.

  25. Dave Porter

    I don't feel good when I am eating in a windows bigger than 2-3 hours per day. I love OMAD, and i will stick to it for the rest of my life. Grazing on food is for pigs and cows.

    Dr. Berg please go deeper into short chain fatty acids as fuel from resistant starches foods. I suspect as you mention that short fatty acids are a big slice of fuel when on keto, even more than ketones. How can we produce more of them from food? What foods are the best for producing short fatty acids in our gut? Any toughs on plantains?

  26. Sun Flower

    How do we get back on keto diet. Do we follow your 3-3-3 plan?

  27. Julitta Gajewska

    If I eat cheesecake is gonna be keto food due to high fat content in cheese or is still high carb food? I need to gain weigh and can't just eat only fat and low carb veg

  28. Sherin John

    😌Purple shirt 👌🏼♥️
    Whenever I don’t feel exercising, I just watch ur inspiring motivational videos for exercise & it sure jumpstarts my process…
    🙏🏽Thanks for being there .. always..💕

  29. Catherine cathy

    Same here…

  30. David Tinoco

    Anyone else click on the video because they saw the word “snacks” instead of “hacks” ? 😂

  31. c. randall

    Let your weight loss be an advertisement for Keto. This will eventually get your family and friends on board. Have Keto get togethers 👍

  32. Ivy Ivy

    Dear doctor do you have video about cocsaxie viruses?

  33. Gillian Moon-sopp


  34. wildtrex

    "Doctors manage the symptoms" wow. That is so true.

  35. The joker

    Will your products ever be available in Britain..?

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