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  1. CantoMando

    [POLL] Should you tell your partner that their cooking sucks if it does? Or should you just eat anyway?

  2. Maijah Pein

    Is she trying to kill him? She should eat her own dishes.

  3. Daniel

    Honestly.. i wanna try the last dish: raw eggplant and raw bitter melon with wasabi!

  4. Peter Li

    That's no normal canned fish… it's Surströmming, a fermented fish. It's a delicacy in Sweden but it's extremely foul .

    There's reaction videos dedicated to this and it never ends well.

  5. Nimi Joon

    Mike reminds me of Rich Brian

  6. Zhenyu Dong

    He obviously doesn’t swallow. Look at the cuts. He chews then spits.

  7. D C

    This channel is just about roasting Sheldon😂😂

  8. Kuching Liar

    The girl is Xie Lian, and tht guys who eat everything she makes is Hua Cheng

  9. Paige Lemon

    Edward and mike should try to eat some of Sheldon’s food creations.😂😂😂

  10. RR R


  11. Chicken Nugget

    That dish soap one… Ugh I could barely watch, that's straight up DIS COS TAN

  12. Kpop Oppa101

    Ginger is not bad. Its actually good if you eat it with salt and msg??

  13. Sofia Yang

    This is 黑暗料理

  14. Rin

    the blue detergent thing that mike keep mention looks like pepsi blue tbh XD

  15. Celeste Lee

    Proper food poisoning meals😂 Dude I feel like his second home is the toilet.

  16. Cedar May

    He doesn’t have tastebuds does he?

  17. syaza izzati

    do you guy know ? i think she put stinky tofu in the second ingredient….

  18. chanmer1

    Please have Sheldon prepare a meal that he normally eats that you guys think is disgusting. 👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Tianyao Fu

    Time to do some more reaction videos! Have you guys watched The Farewell yet?

  20. Ziping Zheng

    Tt's not dish detergent, it's "Pepsi Blue"… Google it…

  21. Zoireth Liendo

    Omg I laughed so much 😂😂😂

  22. JIU


  23. lisa

    next vid sheldon should eat all the things he said were not bad in this vid

  24. Ateez TeeHee

    I'm just here eating ice lol

  25. icanfightdragons

    Where is Edward's hoodie from??

  26. Annie Hsu

    I thought you guys are gonna make weird food for each other too.

  27. fleur dalbit.

    Pretty sure Sheldon will love “tempoyak”!

  28. 田雅文


  29. Rookie Ma

    我感觉你们可能没有吃过臭豆腐( ¨̮ )可以尝尝哈哈

  30. Jiang Alan

    That’s not catfish, that’s surströmming which is probably the stinkiest food.

  31. Kells G

    The can fish其实是鲱鱼罐头吧。。

  32. Jing you Wong

    I hope the guy in the video don’t end up in the hospital

  33. pianofruit

    lol he never swallowed so he probably spit it out after every cut

  34. VeeNeks Jibelito

    I kinda feel attacked when y’all described Sheldon cooking sardine with tomato, onion and green onion…that’s something my people cook..😭😂😂😂😂

  35. Jink_95

    THATS SIGNS OF ABUSE !!!!! Lmfao 🤮🤮🤮

  36. Gabriel Emmanuel

    those durians deserve better…… should be fried instead

  37. Mee Kee

    I think inside of him Stomach is a lot of different colors

  38. L L

    If you want to diet… this video made you forget hungry…. so disgusting… how come he could eat those

  39. jhanvi patel

    Mabye the guy in the video has Ageusia (loss of taste buds)

  40. Digital Gravity

    They ain’t in a relationship, she pretty much friend zoning him making meals like that to him but he eats it anyway 😂🤣

  41. LEE HA


  42. Tokki Jangnim

    Tag yourself, I'm Mike 🤣

  43. Asmaa. Ahmed.

    you should make meals like this and make sheldon eats it ..I'D WATCH IT

  44. Emma Nyhus

    I also eat raw ginger haha. It's good!

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