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  1. K Wang

    What’s CNA stands for?

  2. Yuliang Li

    no bb , i love china

  3. Koen Foo

    沒有國慶, 衹有國殤 🇹🇼🇭🇰


    China first solve Hong Kong or it will be like kashmir..and palestine

  5. Harry Chen


  6. Oree Lai


  7. paecpc

    Best wishes to China! ❤️ always! 🥂💖🇸🇬😍

  8. Mark Foo

    All right CHINA show your muscles to the crazy white gangsters !

  9. shany xaa

    China develops the world most of the people in the world depending now for China. In Maldives our housing units and the bridge connected with hulhumale and male is enough to believe China is more helpful and more important country for the world.

  10. Ryan Lu


  11. Jesus Salva

    Paper tiger

  12. bruce lee


  13. Lar M

    Massive military parade but how come Hong Kong protest can last for that long ? Hong Kong people do not have missiles to fight back !

  14. Tony Mancini

    Save us China!

  15. HZ hui

    China communist government killed 40 millions to 80 millions Chinese since its founding 1949, history cannot be denied!@@

  16. Kenji Lim

    China no need to talk much or argue. Just look at the results they archived.
    Love China. Proud of China.

  17. buzzcrushtrendkill

    Western North Korea. Well, at least North Korea has cool choreographed dancing. This is lame.

  18. DingDongChingChong

    America is so fucked XDXDXD

  19. Eiman Danial

    Don't forget Tiananmen Massacre
    Don't forget Tiananmen Massacre
    Don't forget Tiananmen Massacre

    Free the Uyghurs
    Free the Uyghurs
    Free the Uyghurs

  20. Nithish Rajan

    Impressed by the military parade love from Singapore🇸🇬

  21. Nicky Lin

    I love China

  22. 倪世水


  23. 胜男张

    I love ❤️China 🇨🇳,China is the strongest country!🎉㊗️70 years

  24. MyChilepepper

    I hope the million of balloons released would be clogging their throats and their offsprings' whatever holes. Poison their rivers and lakes.

  25. Linc

    Happy Birthday China !! Just ignore those jealous hating buggers.

  26. Fred Meng

    Long live China, Long live the Chinese people

  27. Mohamed A. Hussein

    Happy Anniversary, China!
    Pax vobiscum from East Africa.

  28. Molly Li

    i love my country forever china

  29. Hvc Capacitor

    joseph Buck just a piece of Dog shit!

  30. Lamar

    Crap china

  31. Ajisen Ramen

    Watch out for the women’s contingents. Looking good Ladies 😀👍

  32. Chandrasinh Sisodiya

    Congrats China…..
    Now India get more stronger….

  33. Goran Rukljač

    Battlemaster tank reporting!

  34. Yasmin Akhtar

    Congratulations China 🇨🇳🇵🇰

  35. Aga Leung

    What's wrong with their Cams,soooo blurry ,should change to CCTV

  36. Imran 9342

    Pak chaina friendship 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 We love chana

  37. Noah Ollan

    Its weird how she first says a fact about a missile they have, stating it can travel to the US in 30 min but then later says that the showcase of military might isnt targeted against anyone

  38. Firstname Lastname

    Waiting for the typical Anti-China trolls to come out in force in the comment section.

  39. rogers owen

    DF-41 and JL-2 finish America's all hopes to destroy china

  40. Oscar Owl

    Liu Hui Susie (你删我帖?我在这里再写):对啊,西方太差劲了。西方国家官员偷偷拿个500块钱就丢官,中国任何一个村支书就能贪几千万!西方国家男人哪敢碰新认识的女友啊,只能乖乖等着人家主动,哪像中国,当官的演艺圈的有钱的教书的……随便潜规则之后还不许女人讲真相!看中国有权有钱有势者多牛

  41. X xx

    We don’t want to see the military on square,we want to see China fight with USA

  42. 游歷子

    Long Live China!

  43. WeMaster Gaming

    Long live the Chinese communist party! Long live China!
    Greetings from India ✊

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