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  1. Leech

    China win-win = China and other country make deal then screw them over the deal so they win again and force the country to lease their land or other. China smart. 😛

  2. Leech

    If only Africans could pull the hardships China has done… Tough teachings.

  3. Jeremy White

    May the CCP die a quick death, amen.

  4. john Tan

    🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🔥🔥🔥🔥🗑🗑🗑🗑 🤮🤮🤮 support Hong Kong protesters. Continued Burning mores CCP flags. Xi Jing pig 🐷🐷🐷 is very very angry 😠 😤😡

  5. Tim Jack

    There is a tendency to see Chinese government as unchanging. This is because in the west the only reforms that really count are those that appear to move the country towards the western model. In fact, government has been through huge and constant reform since 1978, far greater than anything that has taken place in the US or the UK. It is inconceivable that the Chinese state could have masterminded such a huge economic transformation if it too had not been the subject of profound reform.

    Hitherto it has been assumed that China, rather than western democracies, will face chronic problems of governance. We have become deeply ahistorical about western democracy, viewing it as some kind of eternal and ideal solution to the problem of governance. Yet it is clear that American democracy has become increasingly dysfunctional, short-term, polarised and subject to capture by vested interests, in particular the 1 per cent.

  6. Yiheng Zhang

    Your cover shows your stereotype

  7. Charlie Waffles

    Never trust China

  8. A G

    This is why the West is so scared

  9. John Goodman

    China is unstoppable.

  10. kevin kou

    the biggest reasn is china just build not bumb all over the world,i think

  11. Rita Chen

    Today western countries still use old eyes and old minds to think about China. Chinese know you better than you know China.

  12. lee wee

    Saluting the awakening dragon from Singapore. Chinese should not be bullied again

  13. Zian Tang


  14. Giulia Vende

    China is as corrupt as Germany.

  15. Michael C. Z.

    Hahaha, so DW, must you find an anchor of Indian origin with accent to tell you a fantastic military parade from another country rather than the colorful India?

  16. Jin Wu

    Chinese people does not believe western political system's lip-service or party game; They only believe if the government policy can really improve their live. So after 40 years reform, the whole world sees clearly who is the winner!

  17. Ding Allen

    The guy asking question is too rude

  18. DrJames Davies

    Has Deutschland been conquered by India?

  19. Red Power.红色的力量

    If you know China from the western media than dont talk about China.

  20. Troll Slayer Loganshire

    Communists need to be wiped out

  21. Yingjia Liu

    Decades of civil war? Excuse me? It's 4 years and before that was Japanese invasion. Please do your history study before reporting.

  22. Wubin Yang

    Did u speak English ?

  23. Peter Johnson

    Chinese are on track to rule the world.

  24. Ghabana GuchiGuchi

    whatever the system is , Chinese people are living happily, that's the point

  25. Nametayi谨言慎行

    Blind nationalism

  26. Z H I L I N

    I'm proud to have lived here for the past 4 years and become friends with Chinese people. I feel like I'm witnessing history on fast forward.

  27. Haowen Wang

    if you have never been to China and talk with the people there, you have no qualification to say anything

  28. bg24955

    In 1911, China was Asia’s first democratic republic. The deep reflection is why the liberal democracy has failed.

  29. Michael Dvorak

    Only the people of China will stop the evil of Communist rule in their land. Nothing here to celebrate.

  30. Felipe

    Comunism killed more people than nazism.

  31. Felipe

    Comunism and socialism??? No thank you. This regim is the root of ALL evil.

  32. Lar M

    Deadliest transformation the world ever know of.Beginning with over 40 million death in the 20th century during the Great leap Forward all from human cause.

  33. Dog hugs mina mina

    China is an appaloosa s***** the abuse that they show people in concentration camps the abuse that they show the world that shouldn't be allowed to exist.

  34. HZ hui

    Front 1949 to 1980 China communist government killed 40 millions to 80 millions Chinese, history cannot be denied!!@

  35. David Motyka

    If the world was united without political differences, what would it look like?

  36. Peter Vividus

    Fk the CPP chinazi will callapse and people world wide will choose americas system. And that will be the end of communism 4eva

  37. 狗粉五毛

    Communist military over All is only copy from Russia, is Nothing

  38. TK Baha

    condolences to communist chinazi, a terrorist organization, ISIS of Asia. A cancer nation with a 5th grader as president . IT SHOULD BE BOMB DOWN TO ASH FOR WORLD PEACE.

  39. AKIS A.

    Germany's bosses at US are worried because US empire falls like every other in human history.

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