8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music for Insomnia

Want to sleep? Try our 8 hour triangle wave deep sleep music. This relaxing sleep music is perfect for relaxing, relaxing and resting all night. Perfect sleep … Click here!Instantly Slow Down Guitar Solos Or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch. A Perfect Cross Promo For Any Music Learning.

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  1. Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music

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  2. Savanna Wardell

    Hi guy I what to say something about the Australia's wildlife | Animalkindand I was hoping that you guys can donate money to them it's really hard for the animals and people too and you can go on websites to search please help ! 😇😐😐

  3. N D


  4. Elizabeth West

    Oh excellent!

  5. Rinaldo Chiavenato


  6. Fred The Skrub

    So nice

  7. Eileen Barker

    Hi Star 🌟 Tutor🙏. That is so amazing 😉
    I did a meditation 🧘‍♀️ last night with you 😀🦉
    from one similar you did about 10 months ago. 🙌
    How interesting 🤔 so very relaxing 😎
    To all here have a wonderful day blessed ✝️with infinite peace 🕊 joy 😀& positive love 💓
    Always gratitude 🙏 to our Universal guides 😇
    Star 🌟 will have a look & find one on Procrastination 🧘‍♀️
    If you have time could do a new one please 🙏
    So very blessed ✝️by your wonderful videos much gratitude 🙏
    Star 🌟 Have a fantastic day .. Angels 👼 be surrounding
    you & yours in wings of love 💓 & blessings ✝️ hugs 🤗

  8. ButterflySpirit 314

    This is meditation has a beautiful sound to it. I like it. I really brings a smile to my face

  9. Shelley Anthony

    Padre Jason Tutor Stephenson ASMR You've done it again wow that's a cool place there looks like another planet with a solar Eclipse by Mars .-or Mercury .that's closest to the sun. Then there's a bluish green water with palmettos in the background Scenery silhouetted against it also the sky is black on the other side twinkling stars sunset orange glow around the sun more dark landscape in the Foreground. Shelley Anthony your daughter of Meditations and Arthur Charles your son of Meditations he says hi to you too he's doing good .🤣🔔🧡💛💛💚💚💙💗we love you too the music has a beautiful sound so haunting. 👍🎹🎧🎵🎼🔔🎶💘💜💗💙💙💚💚💛yes ..i'm resonating with each music.

  10. resimler hayaller


  11. resimler hayaller


  12. resimler hayaller


  13. Ruby Sparrow

    Truly appreciate your help when I cannot sleep. Thank you for everything.
    G'night and Namaste…
    😪 Ruby*

  14. Tania Bradshaw

    Thank you, thank you, thank you..!! As am yet again wide awake when I should be falling asleep, and with only just under 6 hours before I am up again, it’s very much needed. So SO grateful to have found your marvellous wonderful relaxing work Jason, I sleep better with your wonderful sleep meditations, when I do without them. Thank the universe for your fantastic gift. Sending love and hugs to you and little dharma as I always do!! Sleep well tonight everyone, blessings to you all. 🙏🏻❤️🤗💝

  15. Julie Ann Wilson

    great, I've got fed up of piano sounds and rain sounds!

  16. Shireen's B Motivation

    I just loveeee these meditation, it just inspire me to do a positive youtube channel.

  17. Nena Lavonne

    Can't wait to listen tonight! You are amazing! These videos are so helpful! Wishing you all the best! <3

  18. TheGamin9Ninja 8

    1 st comment can you do more guided sleep meditation?

  19. Deep Sleep

    You rang ❤️ I am here

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