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  1. Chriscom28

    Keeps going silent just after I skip forward 10 seconds. No sound when played.

  2. mariogamefreak1

    When I was a kid I hated the live action parts and only like the animated parts

  3. Ugo Lam

    I Love New York!

  4. Ccspace Inf

    Buster dad looks old a little

  5. Rayyan Mistry

    D.W. Might’ve actually been on crack

  6. nisa rojas

    Props to anyone who got the Eloise reference

  7. count productions

    I cant believe I always used to skip this part as a kid.

  8. Zach

    Why wouldn't the cab driver just drop them off at the point?

  9. Veggie Twins

    I love arthur

  10. Ugo Lam

    300th Comment

  11. Ugo Lam

    325th Comment

  12. Ugo Lam

    6:10 Stop!

  13. Ugo Lam

    5:48 Buster's Mother Crying

  14. Ugo Lam

    Sweet Victory (20,000 Subscribers Special)

  15. brian jude jones


  16. Tsuki Condor

    Tbh this must have been a fun episode to film

  17. Alan Fot

    Wait Hold On!
    Did Arthur and Buster Said We're Going on Our Trip
    Like Little Einsteins?

  18. kamran sheeraz

    Where is the statue of liberty

  19. John Manning

    I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls Enjoy Guest Starring On Arthur For The Thrill Of Constantly Hanging Out With Arthur And His Friends


    Buster don't trust any Chinese restaurant they could trick you and make you taste rabbit flavoured.

  21. Charley Sun

    12:3312:41 DW was so smart to know how to hail a taxi in New York from the airport when her family and Buster Baxter visit buster Baxter's father in NYC

  22. Nicole Graves

    5:50 Why Is Busters Mother Crying?

  23. DallasCowboyTouchdown

    DW was pulling out all the stops to save money for the musical . And also, when Buster pictured Bitzi at the gate but in the reality, they had to say goodbye just before the checkpoint which ticketed passengers only which came after 9/11

  24. moli1623

    I never understood…are his parents divorced?

  25. Alex Leisenring

    Now in days we say

  26. Jackie Reise

    Out of all the other episodes of "Arthur," this one is my favorite! I remember seeing this for the first time when I was 14, and how excited I was to see it in live action!

  27. Jackie Reise

    Who else thought that Mexican kid working in one of the restaurants was handsome?! Or am I alone?😍💘❤💓💕💖💞(The one who showed Buster how to make something that looked like a tamales, but it wasn't.) I remember watching this episode the first couple times when I was only 14, and really thought he was cute! I wonder how old he was, back then. I'm guessing Probably 9, 10, or 11, somewhere in there.

  28. Sis Black

    that Chinese talamale looks great but there is one big problem. I am allergic to mom beans and my mom is allergic to peanuts

  29. Animal Artist68 Art World

    I've been to New York City!😌💗🌇 it's really fun and cool place to visit!😊 would want to see the statue of liberty someday!

  30. Jose Cruz

    Was this episode created after 9/11

  31. Suki Plays


  32. Adrian Kalina

    How does Arthur's glasses stay on his head?

  33. Michael Segal

    And the spin off was born

  34. Daniella_YT Escalona

    AND THEIF REAL PEOPLE AND FOOD OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Impossible!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH

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